Question of the Day

May 13, 2007







The other question in my mind (besides the other thousand or so questions that haven’t emerged yet) is whether I will get any new readers? I was blogging in a place called blogsource and I never had more then 10 or 20 readers, but everybody was quite nice, and not very competitive and we though we had different ideas and religions and food preferences and ways of dressing; so we all sort of supplemented each other rather than competing with each other.

Well, everybody was laughing behind my back, but that’s OK. I mean, they could have been laughing in front of my back.

So now here I am at WordPress and the question of the day (not to mention the last century) is will my readers be the same wonderful crew who also came over from blogsource or will new readers show up as well? (Several wonderful people have shown up. Hello, wonderful people.)

David Rochester is also over here at WordPress, and in a week or two David will have 87 new readers. I know how David does it. He drops in on other people’s blogs and makes pithy, insightful, friendly comments, so they check out his blog and read about his angst and traumas and anxieties and illnesses and tortured love life.

It’s impossible to resist. The funny thing is that he tells everybody what an awful person he is but he comes across as a really nice person, which I guess is his persona. Also, he tells women how difficult and impossible it is to have a relationship with him, so almost every woman who reads his bog swoons, and when she comes to, she says, “I’m the woman who could really meet his needs if he just gave me the opportunity.”
Actually, David, it just occurred to me that you remind me a bit of Woody Allen. Except I suspect Woody really is a creep. David, on the other hand, probably really is difficult, but I don’t think he is a creep.
Woody Allen does have some talent, so he should get to keep some of his money, but he should send at least 25% of whatever is left to David, because David deserves it more. Are you listening, Woody?

So there you are, David. I think you are difficult but not a creep. I don’t know if you consider that praise or an insult or accurate or inaccurate, but there, I’ve said it, so now you’re stuck with it unless you want to delete my blog.


7 Responses to “Question of the Day”

  1. averagejane38 Says:

    I wish I could be your 87 new readers. You do deserve them as much as David does, more sometimes because you never go around trying to make women are quite happy to have just Mrs. Random doing a little swooning once in a while when she is in the mood, indeed you do more of the swooning, I think…so let David have his harem, I say. We are always there for you and shall try our very best to be new and 87.

  2. modestypress Says:

    Hello, Jane.

    I am glad to see you here. You count for at least 107 of my 87 new readers.

  3. davidrochester Says:

    I like the idea of Woody Allen giving me 25% of his profits, but not as much as I like the idea of Bill Gates giving me 25% of his profits.

    I’d actually agree that I’m difficult but not a creep; I think creepiness implies some sort of deliberate evil intent (and yes, I’d put Woody Allen in that category) whereas I’m just, you know, functionally insane, but that’s not intentional.

  4. modestypress Says:

    You only get 30% of Bill Gate’s profits, sorry. I’ve read (translation, unfounded rumor) that his wife (at one time a MS executive) was the one who came up with the idea of the little cartoon “Help” characters who so irritated millions of Microsoft Windows users).

    First, this idea was so geeky and exasperating, that Bill Gates could not help but fall in love with her. Second, I hold him responsible for whatever irritating things she did. Therefore, you get some of his money as well as Woody’s. The checks are in the email as attachments.

    Unfortunately, as I am sure everyone has experienced, it is very difficult to open attachments, and they often contain viruses, spyware, and slugs.

  5. Hmmm. I like your formula for swooning women. Very intuitive.

  6. OH, and I wasn’t ever laughing behind your back. I laughed with you, especially when it come to stories of the precious RG . There is a difference, yes?

  7. symmulacra Says:

    Which way were you facing when we were laughing? I can’t tell if it was behind you, before you, at your side, above you, below you, or some heretofore unknown to humanity direction from you.

    I wish that we could stalk one another’s comments here. That is the only thing that I don’t greatly love about this new place. I think it will be possible though. All one has to do is ask for a new widget.

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