I Need Some Privacy

May 16, 2007

After Random Granddaughter didn’t wave at Mia, we went to the park. The park includes a large lake. Our plan was to select a distance RG could handle and walk around part of the lake to a playground.

It was a pleasant spring day with a mixture of sunshine and clouds, cool but not chilly. The park was crowded with people, walking, running, bicycling, roller skating, and a few scooting on scooters. As a young lady just learning to scoot, she was interested in the other children scooting. She observed that one little boy was not wearing a helmet. Mama (Random Daughter) pointed out that the boy’s mother was carrying the boy’s helmet. We discussed whether this was a sensible safety precaution. RG decided it was not and did not get any arguments from adults.

As we passed a bathroom, it became an issue whether or not RG needed to use the bathroom. RG has progressed pretty well in her potty training, but made an interesting comment a few days previous to her trip to the park. At home she had been using a potty seat on the downstairs toilet, and Mommy (RD’s Out of Law Partner) usually lifted her onto the potty seat. One day at dinner, RG said she needed to use the potty. Mommy asked if she needed a lift on to the potty seat.

“No,” said RG. “I need some privacy.” And off she went to take care of her business by herself. I think this is an observation that we can all appreciate, and explains why she is sometimes reluctant to use public restrooms.

As we passed the park bathroom, she decided she didn’t need to use the potty. Given the long distance to the next public rest room, the adults were a little concerned, but we pressed on.


2 Responses to “I Need Some Privacy”

  1. missholley Says:

    I don’t blame her…public bathrooms are very scary. Public toilets are even scarier. And hey…we all need our privacy every once in a while.

  2. I still don’t like using public restrooms, especially men’s rooms where there isn’t any privacy. Even if I don’t necessarily need, um, sitting-down privacy, I prefer to take care of business behind a closed door.

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