Product Placement

May 16, 2007

The playground was full of children, mostly of preschool and kindergarten age. I found it pleasant to observe many children running, climbing, yelling and generally engaging in hearty physical activity (rather than watching television or playing video games).

RG explored various pieces of equipment at the park, but after a little while she noticed that one slide was taller and significantly faster than the other slides. RG is definitely a tall and fast young lady, so soon she was racing down this slide over and over with an intent look of bliss on her face. Nevertheless, from time to time, she explored other parts of the playground.

At one point she dashed up a mound of blacktop, slipped, and fell. It was not a serious fall, though obviously it stung her hands a bit as she broke her fall. It so happened that no adults in her family were close by, though both my daughter and I were watching RG, though not from a location where she could easily spot us watching.

My daughter and I came to the same interpretation of what we covertly observed. RG fell down, picked herself up, and looked around to see if anyone was watching, screwing her face up to start crying. Not observing any observers, she thought better of launching into tears, grimaced a little, and then pressed on to her destination. In other words, we both concluded, she decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble of bawling if no one was watching. She had discovered the age-old conundrum: if a child falls on some blacktop at the playground and no one is around to hear her cry, is there a sound?

Although silly, I can’t help speculating where RG’s talents and interests will take her when she makes career decisions as an adult. At the moment, driving a train or fire truck seems to be her main interests, but sometimes I sense other possibilities.

It may be that as an adult, she may turn out to be a marketing director or a drama queen. She already has some understanding of product placement.


10 Responses to “Product Placement”

  1. vroni1208 Says:

    I’m sure RG will make a wonderful stage and screen actress, from the sound of it! Soon she may be spouting, “Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up!” (Well, DeMille’s long gone, but how about Spielberg?) 😉

  2. clownscape Says:

    … Or how about a Marketing Queen or a drama director?


  3. cheles Says:

    Nah….I see the gal in Vegas one day so she can have hundreds of admirer’s observe her from afar….

  4. missholley Says:

    Most children are drama queens. This reminded me of a story from when I was a child. My sister and brothers were playing outside. My youngest brother and I were running down the street, and my sister was riding her bike. My brother was about 4 years old. He tripped and fell, and I kid you not…my sister ran over his forehead with her front bicycle tire! He had black tread marks on his forehead! We helped him up…and were panicked to see if he was okay. He didn’t say a word, and he didnt’ cry. He dusted himself off and started walking up the street for home. He didn’t make a peep the entire way…then just as he reached the front door…he started bawling loudly and uncontrollably. He started wailing…”Mooooooommmmmmm *sniff, sniff*…I got run over!” LOL…I hate to laugh…but it was really quite funny…at least from where I stood.

  5. I think that babies are partly taught to cry by adults, who will converge on them and make a big fuss if they fall. In Guatemala, I would watch some of the child make spectacular face-plants into concrete with out so much as a whimper.

  6. jennymac Says:

    Nice to read you again, Mr. Random. I have a feeling RG will be whatever she sets her mind to be when she grows up. FTL, jen

  7. clownscape Says:

    To make your name appear as a clickable link in the comments, all you need to do is go to My Profile, scroll down to Contact Info and copy-paste this blog link under Website.


  8. teaspoon Says:

    Wonderful story, this.

  9. modestypress Says:

    Vronni: RG will be caught between the conflicting impulses of her modesty and her dramatic sense. Clown: It is a good Saturday morning, and I am smiling. Cheles: Admiriation from afar may be the best solution. Holley: RG does not have that much self control yet, but the calculation is there. Waxing: Sounds like good preparation for adult life in Guatamala. Jen: Good to see you. I believe you are correct. Clown: I tried. We will see if I did it correctly as soon as I submit.

  10. jennymac Says:

    It worked, I just clicked you!

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