1A Coming Shortage of Unnatural Resources

May 19, 2007

Many people are concerned about diminishing natural resources. For example, there are many reports that we are running out of motor oil.

This causes me great concern. The morning may arrive when I may not be able to wash down my breakfast with a gulp of Quaker State Pennzoil. In fact I can’t even now—I am forced to drink Islamic State Iranzoil, and it just doesn’t taste the same.

For that matter, copper and other metals used in industry are now in short supply and subject to theft. Copper thefts have become big news. The state of Kentucky, alarmed by people who have electrocuted themselves while stealing copper from live electric lines, has warned copper thieves to at least wear gloves as they rip copper wires off utility lines.

However, consider the entire hullabaloo about the growing shortage of natural resources—or is it shrinking growage? As I was saying, the concern about natural resources has caused us to underlook the increasing scarcity of unnatural resources. (Again I become confused. Is it the scarcing increasity?)


2 Responses to “1A Coming Shortage of Unnatural Resources”

  1. symmulacra Says:

    Have you noticed how sometimes you start reading blogs and then get distracted and read something else and then run out of time and don’t read all of the blogs that you wanted to read the day that you started reading them and thus have to leave a little note and hope that you remember to stalk yourself the next day and read the blog that you wanted to read? I’ve noticed it happening sometimes. However, I’ve thought of an another possible explanation (and I must say that the thought was inspired by this post however I don’t want you to think that you have to take blame for this thought since some other entity [perhaps the one that makes me write these asides] is really to blame). This other possible explanation is that perhaps there is a severe shortage of time. In fact, perhaps we’ve completely run out of time. There is no more. The time mines have shut down and that explains why there are no more time travelers.

  2. modestypress Says:

    Time is running o

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