1B Coming Shortage of Unnatural Resources: Melodies

May 20, 2007

For example, the world is running out of melodies. When was the last time you heard a popular song with a melody? In fact, both classical music and popular music are scraping the bottom of the barrel and trying to make do with desperate artificial replacements. For example, classical music has experimented with impressionism, expressionism, atonalism, neo-classicism, 12-tone series, serialism, indeterminism, and minimalism, all known to the average person as music that makes my head hurt. Popular music has now been taken over by rap music, also known as hip hop. This is music caused by rapping you on the head until you hip and hop with pain causing you to describe it as music that makes my head hurt. As you can see, high culture and popular culture have found common ground in pain.


5 Responses to “1B Coming Shortage of Unnatural Resources: Melodies”

  1. Clownscape Says:

    …. Which only means that in modern times, music’s only experimenting with another form – sadism.


  2. symmulacra Says:

    In my opinion, A and B of this series are hilarious and wonderfully executed. C of this series is funny. D is not so funny. I find it to be a curious thing that at this point, the comment count differs so much from my own personal quality rating.

    While it appears that my view would indicate a downward trend, I don’t think that the trend is meaningful. I in no way wish to discourage you from continuing with this series. I like the idea enough that I’m considering joining in on it since I think it is an essentially productive idea. (And, I do sometimes really like running jokes).

    Also, I quite like how you’ve categorized things. It has made finding things pleasant and easy.

  3. modestypress Says:

    Bongo symmulacra: please look at the big picture. The comments are part of the quality of the blog posts. When my quality drops, the quality of the comments rises, thereby maintaining equilibrium.

  4. symmulacra Says:

    Ahh! Indeed. I had completely forgotten about the conservation of quality principle. You’d think I’d remember it. It must have been that your posts were so excellent that that good idea dropped completely out of my mind. My apologies though perhaps I think you should take the responsibility since had you written a poorer quality post, the notion wouldn’t have dropped from my mind.

    And, this brings up a question: is the quality of this post going down because of my comment here? Do I have the power to willfully ruin what would otherwise have been a perfect post by commenting on it?

    By the way, if you’re wondering about experimental confirmation of your theory, my last post on the evil place had more than 200 comments. I think that means that the place is only for the very poorest of quality. I must thank you for accidentally rescuing me by being here so that I realized that my tentative decision to settle here need not be tentative.

  5. renaissanceguy Says:

    Not to be too disagreeable, but people have become used to nonmelodic music due to movies. Lots of the background music in movies comes from one of the schools you listed.

    I haven’t given up yet on the possibility of original melodies. The number of permutations on the available tones is huge.

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