1C Coming Shortage of Unnatural Resources: Rhymes

May 21, 2007

By the same token, the world is running out of rhymes. Desperate poets scrabbling under the bed have retrieved near rhymes, half-rhymes, imperfect rhymes, pararhymes, and slant rhymes. Like a child licking the bowl for one more bit of frosting, they have tried assonance and consonance.

Trying to subsist on a diet of modern poetry, whether high literature or mooney jooney popular jingles or bapping rapping hip hop is a likely road to starvation.


5 Responses to “1C Coming Shortage of Unnatural Resources: Rhymes”

  1. hifay Says:

    A world without rhyme? That would surely be a crime.

  2. missholley Says:

    The world will be terrible without rhymes, melodies, and motor oil! I guess I should start writing music and poetry…and riding my bike more often.

  3. Soon we’ll have nothing left but assonance.

  4. renaissanceguy Says:

    A clever guy
    Such as I
    Can think of a rhyme

    I highly doubt
    That we’ll run out.

  5. modestypress Says:

    Renaissanceguy: Are you allowed to be funnier than me in my own blog? “Irregardless,” welcome aboard.

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