1D Coming Shortage of Unnatural Resources: Recipes

May 22, 2007

Many years ago, my brother (who is smarter and more talented than I am) went to Senegal for three years as a Peace Corps member. When I talked to him after he returned to the United States, one of the differences he noticed between Americans and the people in the African village where he lived were different expectations in regard to meal variety.

Americans expect to have something different for dinner each day of the week, he said.

The people in Senegal were quite content to have the same meal for dinner each day of the week for many days, he went on.

Perhaps, they were just grateful to have anything to eat, I thought, and didn’t consider variety to be such a big deal.

This brings me to the next item on my list of disappearing unnatural resources. Over the last century or so, how many cook books have been published? How many recipes have been published in supermarket checkout rack magazines? How many total recipes have been published?

We must have reached billions and billions of recipes.

How many ways can one prepare pickled beets? How many different ways are there to prepare macaroni and cheese?

As I go down the street in the city, I see here a French restaurant, there a Vietnamese restaurant, and here’s a Wendy’s restaurant.

Coming soon to your town a new franchise: Senegalese Food. Nothing new every day!


10 Responses to “1D Coming Shortage of Unnatural Resources: Recipes”

  1. vroni1208 Says:

    OMG, that is so true! What kills me is the portion sizes here in the U.S. I have never understood “chicken fried steak the size of your head”. (I live in Texas, where everything is bigger!) Why would one do that to themselves? Why is that necessary?

  2. missholley Says:

    Oh…you are so right Vroni. Why do all fast food places offer mega super sizes? As if anyone needs 2000 calories in one meal! I ordered a small soda somewhere the other day…and no kidding…in came in a cup that I know used to be considered a medium. It’s no wonder we are a nation of fatties!

    Random…the number of ways to prepare food can boggle the mind…but I for one am very glad. I love variety. Although I can think of a few things I would love to have every night. My mom’s chicken spaghetti for one…OMG…it’s to die for…chicken, cheese, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes, spaghetti (and some seasoning)…all mixed together and baked! Oh great…now I want some.

  3. modestypress Says:

    I’ve been told by people who have been to Japan that a “large” size soda at a Japanese restaurant is about equal to a “small” size soda in the United States. Perhaps this accounts for the average sized Japanese person being shorter than the average sized American person.

  4. trured73 Says:

    I am reminded of something my grandmother used to say – “Too many choices is not always good.” She held to the notion that more than 3 choices is too much. Of course, she was usually putting my parents down for their parenting style, but I can see the wisdom of her words. Why do we need a half dozen different fast food places that serve, in essence, the exact same thing? Thank you – I will not stress about making more variety in my meal planning. The kids always want the same thing anyway!

  5. vroni1208 Says:

    Soda makes you taller?

  6. modestypress Says:

    trured73: About 42 year ago, I was going to college and my wife was pregnant with Random Daughter. I got a job as a guard/night watchman. At one location I guarded–I think it was a hotel or convention center–in the morning a caterer was setting up for a brunch/breakfast. He was training a helper. He said, “Too many choices is too much. Don’t offer people more than two choices.” Perhaps he was a friend of your grandmother.

  7. modestypress Says:

    Vroni: It doesn’t? No wonder my granddaughter doesn’t believe much I tell her. Though, she is very tall for her age (3) but doesn’t get to drink much soda. I am very confused.

  8. teaspoon Says:

    During the time I spent in South and Central America, I ate rice every day of the week (often for multiple meals each day). It’s not so bad.

  9. cheles Says:

    Nah, its not so bad. Its amazing how you can alter the taste of rice. I experienced the same thing when travelling through Costa Rica. If you ate it three times a day, would one consider it variety? Mebbey.

  10. Giggler Says:

    That is soooooooo true i think that it is just to cool to think about that. I mean who needs so many choices. Most of the time the foods are all the same. you can go to 4 stake houses and choose your favorite but you will still end up eating a stake.

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