3A The RV

July 4, 2007

As I’ve mentioned, we moved into the “country,” (actually exurbia on an island) because my wife does not want to see or hear her neighbors.

This falls into the category of “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.”

Now our “neighbors” include: mice, (country) rats, chipmunks, squirrels, bunnies, deer, and coyotes. Last year, some rats moved into the engine of my wife’s truck and chewed some wires. The damage wasn’t “that bad” said the mechanic who fixed it.

This year, a couple of mice moved into my car and started building a nest. I keep a box of tissues in my car. The mice would get into the tissues, chew it up into little pieces, and make a cute little nest of tissues. They built a nest in the glove compartment.

I put a mouse trap in the glove compartment. They then started building their nests in the trunk. One day I opened the trunk and saw two mice. They ran out of the trunk and into the woods.

The next day I drove the five miles to the gym. When I opened the trunk at the gym, I saw the two mice. I left the trunk open, in the hope that the mice would run out and live near the gym.

The next day, there was another nest in the trunk. Evidently the two mice had decided the car was a RV and were traveling with my car.

I removed the nest and put a mouse trap in the trunk.

The next day after that, there was a new nest and a dead mouse in the trap. Evidently, the mouse got cocky after building the nest and got caught in the trap.

The mouse’s mate evidently decided that the RV is not that good a vehicle. I haven’t seen any mice or nests in my car. Wednesday, I took the car in for service (while Grandma was helping Random Granddaughter make cupcakes), and the mechanic found no damage to the wiring.

A couple days later we moved a roll of plastic lying in the yard, and two mice ran out. They had been living in the plastic. I don’t know if one of the mice was the survivor of the RV episode and had shacked up with a new mate. Life is short if you are a mouse, so you have to make time while you can.


12 Responses to “3A The RV”

  1. Ela Says:

    oh..the country..sounds so sweet to me. When I was a child I used to go to my grandma and help a bit during the summer. She had all the animals that farmers have and variety of grains planted in the fields, and mice..little transparent babies… One could see inside of them for a while. I must be getting older..I think of past time with such longing.
    anyway, do you like it? the island living?
    I feel isolated even in this big city. One day I hope to have a little farm.. Have a nice day Random.

  2. modestypress Says:

    Thank you, Ela. For many years, we dreamed of living in the “country.” We never thought we would be able to. We like living here, except I have a long commute to an increasingly tiresome job. I am grateful for what we were able to get.

  3. vroni1208 Says:

    I don’t think I could do it. Mice, rats…or worse, SPIDERS! Eeeek! I guess I’m the city mouse in this episode…

  4. modestypress Says:

    I’m sorry, vroni. It gets worse. You may not want to read my blog for a bit.

  5. Ela Says:

    It would be wonderful if one lives in a country and has some kind of work close to home or simply lots of money. Taking the first step is the hardest I guess especially when thinking ‘if we move and something bad happends, I will be all alone.. no friends, faraway neighbours..only me and the night..mare..’ Sorry, got carried away,but who teach us to think of the worst case scenerio? probably parents with “be careful you might fall” or teachers or military ahh! everyone has this worst case scenerio seeded. For example, many thinks the world is coming to an end, why not think, the golden age is closely upon us.
    Is it true that grandparents love the grandchildren even more? ( I think I already asked this question once)

  6. modestypress Says:


    Those are good points and we struggled with them all our lives. The only thing is that something bad can happen at any time or any place. However, it is good to have a “support group” close by.

    As far as who we love, we have always had a good relationship with our daughter. We are appreciative and thankful in regard to her everyday. So far, we have had a terrific relationship with our granddaughter. We are very, very fortunate. I try to remind myself of that whenever I feel like whining. (I still do whine, but at least I feel a little guilty about it.)

  7. Ela Says:

    yes.. but I don’t want to struggle:) I want the easy wonderful life with lots of love, just like the best dream. and no one dies and I don’t have to deal with it anymore. You are not so much older then I am, yet, because you are a grandpa already, I feel free to talk to you. I miss my father, but not so much him in a body, but maybe the love. It feels like part of my life is gone and I just can not let it go. This is the first death in my life that hit me that hard, and from that point I even more am looking for a purpose of life.. talking about mice and jumping into this topic. Glad to hear you are ‘growing up’ into a wise man;),grandpa! REALLY, the best to you.

  8. modestypress Says:

    Thank you, Ela. I’m not sure I have any more “wisdom” to dispense today, but I appreciate your dropping in to read and comment. Stay tuned for more ramblings.

  9. Nothing to do with your blog, but I’ve missed Ela.

    To do with your blog: Without the mousetraps part, this would make a charming children’s story, if told from the POV of the shmousies.

  10. modestypress Says:

    You channeled the theme of my next blog.

  11. jenny Says:

    Great tail. Mousetraps stink…. so does mouse poop & wee… one of those great delimmas. More cats? What to do, what to do… Feel the love, jen P.S. Can you tell I’m in a vacation state of mind? Ahhhhhhhhh……. oh, and I would have loved to have had a Dad/Grandpa like you

  12. teaspoon Says:

    Cats are good for getting rid of mice, but unfortunately they get rid of millions of songbirds every year as well, which is not so nice.

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