3B The Cute, Fuzzy Bunny Problem

July 9, 2007

The following posts will distress some of my readers, especially those who are gentle and sensitive. If you were upset by my message about the mice who were living in my car (which they should not have been), and how one of them died a violent, cruel death in a mouse trap, this post will distress you much more. Therefore, I post this warning, to alert you that you should avoid my blog until I change the topic.

To be continued, as I get time. I have to get ready to leave for work now. One of my other tasks to accomplish today is to buy a gun.


3 Responses to “3B The Cute, Fuzzy Bunny Problem”

  1. Ela Says:

    just don’t shoot the pinkear rabbit, this one could land you in jail. ( I don’t have the emocons or the smily funny faces to place here, but be careful with the loaded gun..)

  2. vroni1208 Says:

    I’m still going to come here, but I’m going to close my eyes…;)

  3. Good grief, the suspense is killing me! (Luckily you aren’t nearby with the gun, to complete the process.)

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