2O Admission on Way

July 21, 2007

Random Granddaughter is on her way to visit, bringing two Mommies with her.

Is she excited about the prospect of seeing grandparents? Get real. She is excited about getting to ride the ferry.

This week at preschool, she identified a ramp as a ferry loading dock, and practiced riding a tricycle on and off the ferry.

Grandma suggested to Random Daughter that perhaps at the real ferry, RG might be allowed to actually ride her tricycle on to the ferry.

There might be complications. The Highway Patrol Officer and his (or her, in some cases) bomb sniffing dog might have to sniff the tricycle before letting her board.

Lots of raspberries are ripe. Some of the boysenberries are ripe, also. Unfortunately, because of the bunnies sneaking into the garden, the berries now have fleas. (This is true.) Each day after she picks berries, Mrs. Random takes off her clothes, takes a shower, and washes her clothes.

RG will get some berries but will not be allowed an opportunity to pick berries herself. So much for the organic life style.

I told my daughter to check out the fire engines on the used car lot (it’s right after the Dairy Queen) after they get off the ferry and start driving toward the little house in the middle sized woods with the fleas.

The air rifle is in a safe place and will not come out during the visit. Tomorrow, I will hunt a bunny.


5 Responses to “2O Admission on Way”

  1. modestypress Says:

    Phone just rang. They are off the ferry and on the way. RG told me via cell phone that she saw a truck on fire on the way to the ferry and fire engines were spraying water on it. Exciting trip!

  2. I find it nothing short of astonishing that raspberries can carry fleas. Is nothing sacred?

  3. modestypress Says:

    David, I share your astonishment. I regret to inform you that you are visiting a blog where very little is sacred.

  4. vroni1208 Says:

    Okay, maybe I was a bit perplexed. If you had said, “I am killing bunnies who have fleas”, I’d probably send you some extra air rifle shells. I dislike fleas more than I like bunnies. And bunnies who bring fleas into boysenberry patches are the worst! Shoot away! 🙂 Signed, Not as Nice as I thought I was.

  5. modestypress Says:


    That is part of the “cute, fuzzy bunny problem”:

    My wild bunny has fleas.

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