4A Romantic Moment

July 26, 2007

Long time readers of my blog are aware that I am not very good at romance. For example, I once wrote of surprising my wife with a gift of a can of lye. She was delighted in fact, because she makes soap about once a year. Making soap requires lye, and lye is now hard to find because meth dealers use it in making their evil wares, so she was having a “I need some lye” crisis and I went far afield to find her some.

However, yesterday I really did provide her with a romantic and sentimental gift, much to her delight. I will tell the tale as soon as I get a chance.


10 Responses to “4A Romantic Moment”

  1. Ela Says:

    I wonder what was the gift? The post says folk music and hippies. Maybe you found some old record with the song that walked along your love.
    What is romantic? I think the lye was romantic gesture. I think being together for a long time is romantic.


    Lye! Wow! That’s inspiring.

    I’m wondering if it worked better than when I brought my sweetie cauliflower on Valentine’s Day.

  3. modestypress Says:

    Ela, being together for a long time IS romantic. I wake up in the morning and look at the other side of the bed, and say, “Once again, you didn’t leave me, despite all the reasons to. Isn’t that sweet?”

    Bongo, It worked better than when I bought your sweetie cauliflower dipped in lye. Just didn’t seem to communicate the correct mood. I guess that’s why she’s your sweetie and not mine.

  4. mommy Says:

    For my 50th birthday, my husband surprised me by installing a new range hood over the stove. I loved it; our best friends still tease him about it, but when they do, we give each other our “secret look.” We will be celebrating our 28th anniversary on Saturday.


    Holy cattle and sheep. I’m going to be serious.

    I think being together for a long time is romantic too.

  6. Ela Says:

    :)yes, that’s what is called being lucky. Looking forward the revealing of romantic moment.

  7. vroni1208 Says:

    My sweetie and I just celebrated our 8 month anniversary…8 months is bananas…it was our bananaversary… 🙂

  8. modestypress Says:

    mommy, welcome to my crazy blog. Considering your romantic gift, I think you will fit right in.

    vroni, as my wife and I have been bananas together for almost 42 years, it’s still our banaversary. However, as we picked our own boysenberries from our own garden for the first time, it may be our boysenberry anniversary. Though I am wondering about the girlsenberries.

  9. janie Says:

    I really love those very useful gifts that take a little work (like the lye and the range hood)–actually, how do you get more romantic than that? My husband is thankfully excellent at them, too–any time for any reason. But I am eagerly waiting to hear about the successful sentimental gift.

  10. Vicky Says:

    In Norway, they soak fish in lye (for eating) – anyone remember the name of it?

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