3P Don’t Shoot–I’m on the Ferry

August 10, 2007

On part of my trip to work, I ride a ferry. Generally, there are one or two state patrol cars parked at the ferry dock, observing as we load. Usually, at least one of the police cars includes a dog to sniff the cars before they start to drive on board the ferry.

Last Friday morning, there was a brief news item in the paper that someone on one of the state ferries had observed suspicious looking people taking photographs on board a ferry (different route than mine). That evening as I boarded my evening ferry, besides noticing four state patrol cars, I also observed four black-clad men wearing conspicuous side arms boarding the ferries and observing all the cars as they boarded. Later, the men, whose black outfits bore the letters, “United States Coast Guard,” patrolled the passenger decks. Their hands were relaxed, but not far from their pistols.

Last night, Thursday, the black clad Coast Guardsmen (this time with one black clad woman among them) were back again, once more observing the boarding and departing cars and patrolling the passenger decks. The news media have been very quite about ferry activity after that one brief news item, with no mention of any special Coast Guard Activity.

3 Responses to “3P Don’t Shoot–I’m on the Ferry”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Your little ferry ride certainly doesn’t seem like a likely target does it? Are you comforted or distressed at their presence? I was surprised when you didn’t comment either way (save the title).

  2. modestypress Says:

    I don’t know what to think. Obviously, there are terrorists and crazy people among us, and a ferry makes an obvious target. I’m used to the state patrol cars and sniffer dogs; the black clad Coast Guard members was something new. I have no way of knowing if their actions are based on some particular information we don’t know about, or a training exercise, or what? Since I’ve been reminiscing (mostly in a frivolous and light-hearted manner) about weapons and military drills, the appearance of the Coast Guard service people in their slightly sinister black commando uniforms caught my attention.

    I’ve decided not to worry or fret about it, but obviously, it’s a reminder of the perilous times in which we live.

  3. jennymac Says:

    Seems like a good decision (not to worry or fret). Being retired from law enforcement and public service, I am quite sure that the perilous times in which we live create a hybrid reaction nowadays for public safety organizations. I hope the safety of the public is still the top priority in any case. As for me, I’ll follow your lead. FTL, jen

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