5A At the County Fair

August 17, 2007

Yesterday, my wife and I went to the county fair. I saw a bunch of bunnies. They would have been easy to shoot with my air rifle, as they were all in cages. However, I didn’t bring my air rifle to the county fair. Also, all of the bunnies I saw were pet bunnies and 4H project bunnies as well, and the young 4H members who were raising and showing the bunnies at the fair would not have taken it well. Also, these bunnies were well groomed and probably did not have fleas. Also, one of the bunnies was a Flemish Giant bunny. Flemish giants are the largest species of bunny. He was very large, and I suspect if I had acted in a threatening manner, he might have taken me out before I had a chance to complete my evil purpose.

My wife has her heart set on having chickens. She has decided she wants Dominiques.

When I was in junior high, besides having a cow, which I milked before and after school, and then a goat, which I milked before and after school, we had chickens. Although not a terrible experience, it was not a great experience, and left me turned off on having farm animals and farm birds. I have told my wife this.

In the poultry exhibit, I heard a woman talking about her chickens. Two of her chickens were Dominiques, she said. I introduced her to my wife. She said to my wife, “My Dominique chickens are my favorites. They are very friendly. They are good at laying eggs.”

“Hello, Mrs. Chicken.” Mrs. Chicken isn’t here yet, but I see a chicken in my future.

Today, we are going into town to see Random Granddaughter.


6 Responses to “5A At the County Fair”

  1. jennymac Says:

    The county fair, sounds like you and the Mrs. had a nice time. I love the giant wabbit photo. You and I had similar growing up environments; I have introduced my sons to such life and they have adopted your current opinion of such a lifestyle, oh, well. My mom took the boys and I to visit her very elderly grade school teacher, Miss Ida. A delightful woman, full of life and humor, she told us about her chickens and how much she loved them. One morning, she went to the coop to gather eggs and saw a snake, a vile enemy of Miss Ida and her hens. The boys hold Miss Ida in great esteem after she told them how she saw that the snake had swallowed an egg and she wrestled the snake, squeezed the egg back out of it’s mouth and then killed the snake! The morale of this comment… don’t mess with a woman and her hens! You’ve been warned. FTL, jen

  2. Pete Says:

    Hey Random!I loved your chicken story, and especially Jen’s snake story. We have had chickens for years and really like them and their eggs. I tell you there is a big difference between a store bought egg (Up to 5 weeks old) and a fresh one. The chickens actually have a little personality, too. The one bummer is they are hard to sex when they are one day old, and sometimes you end up with a rooster when you don’t want one. A good example of when you don’t want one is 5:00am when it is crowing. The roosters are always the most attractive, too (If there is such a thing…) And if you have lots of coyotes and racoons you might find dead mauled chickens from time to time. I finally built a cage with a wire roof that seems to do the trick nicely. We go for the Anaconda’s (Likely wrong spelling), also known as Americana’s (Not to be confused with coffee drink.) They lay blue eggs, which is quite handy come Easter time. Also chickens make great fertilizer. They run free in our garden all fall/winter/spring when there are no crops. The soil is always good to go the next planting. So I say go for it and get a few, at least three, in case you decide to get rid of an unwanted rooster.

    I rambled a lot to make up for the months it has been since I posted to your blog!


  3. Cameron Says:

    We have a few friends with chickens who bring eggs to church each Sunday. You truly can tell the difference in the size and quality of eggs. I don’t know anyone who regrets having a few chickens. Start thinking on names for your soon-to-be new arrivals 🙂

  4. Vicky Says:

    We have 6 chickens at the moment. Enough to keep us ,as well as a few other families, in eggs.

    I cannot even think of eating eggs from the store anymore, but I don’t especially care for the chickens.

    Our grandson (5) thinks they’re great and he collects their eggs everytime he’s here. Otherwise, my husband does it.

  5. After all the comments, I’m jealous that I don’t have room to keep hens. As I understand it, however, the eggs are in rather a regrettable state upon exiting the ovipositor, and I fear I wouldn’t like touching them. I would have to do it with gloves, which would probably offend the hen.

    On another but related topic, I think it’s strange that we eat bird ovulations.

  6. jennymac Says:

    David, you crack me up!

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