2S What Makes a 3-Year-Old Laugh?

August 18, 2007

I hope to be a humorist when I grow up. As I am now 13 years old in terms of my psychological and emotional development, but 63 years old in terms of my chronological development, this goal presents problems, though they may at times be funny problems.

I figure I have to pay attention to what makes people laugh, especially 3-year-old people.

Perhaps I can break into comedy by working night clubs for 3-year-olds.

Perhaps I can use Sylvie, my daughter’s small black cat with a little white, as a comedy partner.

Last night, Random Granddaughter was upstairs at her little house in the medium-sized city with Mommy getting ready for bed. All of a sudden, I heard RG laughing hysterically, for quite a long time.

I went up to investigate. Mommy had been saying to RG, “Time to put on your pajamas.” Mommy held out the pajamas to RG.

At that moment, Sylvie, as a very busy little cat, thought of an important errand to do downstairs. She dashed for the stairs, running straight into the pajamas, yanking them out of Mommy’s hands so that they covered her. Sylvie did not stop. A ball of pajamas with a little cat inside dashed downstairs, as a hysterically laughing little girl and her Mommy watched from the top of the stairs.

I’m not sure this works in print. However, when the cat-animated pajamas become a spectacularly successful series on Saturday-morning television, remember you read about it here first.

However, for this series to succeed, we will have to get the star to perform on demand every week. I don’t know about this. Pajamas are very moody and temperamental performers.




8 Responses to “2S What Makes a 3-Year-Old Laugh?”

  1. jennymac Says:

    I loved your family’s cat-in-the-pj’s moment and enjoyed a warm laugh. When our older dog was a puppy and living inside with us, he had a terrible (terribly funny) habit of digging through the dirty clothes hamper. He would search with intensity for only one object such as a diver looking for buried treasure. Alas! He would find it and start running through the house with his bra-flag waving. What made it funny to everyone was the hysterical owner of the bra chasing after him! The fact that you journal such moments is a wonderful bonus for your darling granddaughter who will get many laughs from such a moment. FTL, jen

  2. jennymac Says:

    I used moment too many times. I used to work for the Department of Redundancy Department.

  3. It worked for me — I love cats in pajamas.

  4. Vicky Says:

    Another thing that might make your 3 yr old laugh is to find some of those candles that relight themselves and next time there is a family birthday celebration, sneak one of the candles in with the others – I’m figuring your 3 yr old helps blow out the candles, right?

    We recently celebrated my husband’s 58th birthday – the grandkids, 5 and 3 1/2 decorated the cake with the candles and our son helped with the “funny” one. After singing to Grandpa, they helped him blow them out and then many giggles ensued as this one lone candle kept flaming – they’d blow it out and it would relight etc.

  5. Average Jane Says:

    My dog used to keep getting under the bed clothes while I was making the bed and then desperately trying to shake the tangled sheets off him.I have never known anything amuse my daughter, then 5 years old, quite as much.

  6. bibliomom Says:

    Since I work with a plethora of 3 year olds I’m sure that I can find a gig or two for you if you need one.

  7. modestypress Says:


    Random Granddaughter is rather possessive. I don’t know if she will share.

    Sylvie is the real talent here, anyway. She already has a tendency to wander away from home. I’m afraid she is on a short leash.

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