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August 28, 2007

Kyle said,

No matter what else you have seen me write, I sincerely salute your love for your daughter, her partner, and their daughter.

Janie said,

Random, you have a wonderful, loving family. Congratulations to you and your wife on 42 years of marriage, and congratulations to RD and OP on 15! I love reading all these touching and funny little stories about your family life, etc. Like Kyle, whatever I might believe about “God’s ideal”, I know love and wholesomeness when I see it. And BTW, thanks for spending time on worldmagblog.

Kyle and Janie, thank you for your generous words. I believe people should be honest and forthright about their beliefs and values, as you are, and when in doubt, aim to err on the side of toleration and love, as you do.

Average Jane said,

You are what I would like people to be but they seldom are. That makes you an amazing man.


Thank you. I’ll try to live up to my image once in a while, but don’t turn the light up too bright, as I am kind of shy.

Jennymac says,

Mr. Random, you are so cool, and so is your beautiful family. I am basically ignorant regarding same sex attraction, but I do know lovely people when I meet them. FTL, jen – P.S. I saw a DVD entitled “The Right Man” where Robin Williams plays a candidate for U.S. President. He addressed a question regarding his view on same sex marriage this way: I don’t know what the big deal is about same sex marriage, everyone knows that after you’re married, it’s always the same sex!

Your loveliness radiates out of every message you post, jenny.

David says,

It always makes me feel kind of mushy (which is really an accomplishment) when I hear about your accidental family, and your who-knows-how-it-survived marriage, and your complete acceptance of your daughter. I really wish more people were like you and Mrs. Random . . . I think there would be more happy children if they’d all been raised by people who didn’t necessarily like children but who took the job seriously.

I spoke recently with Josh about same-sex marriage, which is legal in Amsterdam . . . he cracked me up by saying: “Jurriaan and I find the concept offensive. We don’t want to be associated with something that straight people fail at all the time.”</i>

Feeling kind of mushy is kind of sick. I’ll overlook it this time, but try not to let it happen too often or I’ll tell Little Liu on you.






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