2Z Wooing a Developer

September 5, 2007

After S told us about the shooting, B and S told us about their adventures with a developer/contractor.


When my wife and I set out to have our house built, our concern was to find a contractor who was conscientious, skillful, and dependable. Although no contractor in the history of building would have been able to meet my wife’s expectations and standards, the contractor we chose did an acceptable enough job that not only are we able to live in our little house, but we are able to live with it.


In the case of S and B, the issue is whether they are good enough for the developer/builder to accept them.


“He has already made lots of money, so he doesn’t really need the money,” S explained. “He has had many disappointing experiences, so he has trouble trusting anyone. His expectation is that if he sells you a lot in his development, he will build the house. However, people often tell him they will use him as the contractor, and then after they buy a lot, they bring in another builder. After several such experiences, he has become bitter and disappointed and very moody.


“If we tell him that we will use him as our builder, one day he believes us; the next day, he doesn’t.”


The whole process sounded to me rather like wooing a woman for a seduction who has several times been jilted in the past.


“Also, he has to approve your plans as compatible with his vision of the development. For example, he doesn’t want you to insist on a two-story building that will block somebody else’s view,” S explained.


We were sympathetic. We are lot #3 of a four five-acre lots sub-divided from the original 20-acres parcel A “flipper” bought lot #4 and cleared it too enthusiastically, removing trees blocking out view of the lot. My wife does not want to look out our upstairs window and see a neighbor’s house. We have planted a Douglas fir and three cedars in the space. However, deer ate much of the fir and cedars take a long time to grow. The flipper made a nice profit flipping lot #4, but we have never met the neighbor to be, so we don’t know yet how they will irritate my wife.


When they show up some day, I will greet them with, “Hello, I am Mr. Random. I am your neighbor to the south. My wife, who is too shy to come out to introduce herself, is Mrs. Random. I would like to welcome you to the neighborhood and let you know that by moving next door, you have irritated her. Also, the flipper who sold you the lot cleared several feet of trees and brush on to our property, and I wanted to let you know this right away so you don’t get some of our property by adverse possession.


2 Responses to “2Z Wooing a Developer”

  1. trured73 Says:

    Is there some kind of builder therapy? I think, if I was your neighbor to the north, I would happily return your land as it would mean less land/yard work for me. And I would immediately begin doing things to win the lovely Mrs. Random over (I’m a people pleaser).

  2. janie Says:

    It sounds like Mrs. Random is a bit of an introvert. I really understand this, as I am myself an introvert. Introverts are not unfriendly, they just need their space. The majority of people seem to be extroverts, and they tend to think introverts are wierd.

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