2AB Is That All There Is?

September 19, 2007

The weekend before last, the fire station near where my granddaughter lives had an “Open House.” RG went to the open house in her fire hat, fire coat, and fire boots, but I had not heard any reports on the experience.


I was working late last night, so I missed a phone call from my daughter. My wife tells me that RG seemed to regard her trip to the fire station as an OK experience but not really a top notch experience.


There were two long lines of children waiting to get on the fire truck. One line led to the driver’s compartment and steering wheel; the other line went to the section in the back of the ladders where another fireman steers the rear of the fire truck.


RG chose the line at the rear. RG had a good time, but was not wildly thrilled. Apparently her idea of a really first rate fire truck experience would be to ride the fire engine as it is races wildly down the street, sirens blaring, bells ringing, and flames shooting into the sky in view.


Three years old and already a bit jaded. Maybe I’ll talk to her one of these days about boys and dating.

4 Responses to “2AB Is That All There Is?”

  1. janie Says:

    I fully concur with RG’s idea of a first-rate fire truck experience. I mean, who would want to just sit in one that didn’t do what it is supposed to?

  2. Clownscape Says:

    Are you certain that she’s not equally qualified to give you lesson on the same?


  3. modestypress Says:

    No, Clownscape, I am not certain. The possibility certainly exists that RG is already more mature than I am and is just waiting for me to grow up.

  4. I’d be disappointed too, if I were RG. One of the first lessons in disillusionment is the realization that in most things, the imagination does a far better job than reality ever will.

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