Trivial Grumbles #1

September 22, 2007

When I log into my account at, the sign-in message asks:

Are you hip?

I have not yet figured out to how to simultaneously type No and log into my account.


5 Responses to “Trivial Grumbles #1”

  1. janie Says:

    It makes you say “yes”? That’s hardly freedom of the press.

  2. modestypress Says:

    It just makes me log in, which I interpret as a forced “yes.” I do so; otherwise you would be deprived of my stories, but I decided to whine and sulk about the matter, always a useful and constructive solution to life’s little frustrations.

  3. handward Says:

    Ahh. You are simply not recognizing a meta-freedom. Your answer can be in a language of your choosing. Thus, you could (as I do) choose a language where your login name has the meaning that you desire for the answer the the question posed. For example, in my own inner language, the word “Handward” means “I think it smells a bit like unions but I’d take a trip there anyway.”

  4. modestypress Says:

    I will log in as a definite maybe

  5. Moongirl Says:

    You’re not hip?

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