Gas…Pump…Card…Readers–More Than You Ever Possibly Wanted to Know

October 2, 2007

I wondered why no one besides me had ever complained about gas pump card readers? Then I thought, Well, I don’t know if anyone has done so, do I? So I looked.

I fell into the pool of quicksand that is known as the World Wide Web. Out of an unbelievably malicious desire to pull you down with me and engulf you in tedium beyond your wildest experience of sleeping through an entire weekend, I give you fair warning.

Do not read any of the following.











Do not click on any of the following links.

Do not complain to me after you violate all my warnings.
(The zucchini bearing bunnies of America are standing by to protect me.)

1. Futuristic gas pump design
2. Patent for a card reader
3. Brief of a lawsuit against Conoco for violating Americans with Disabilities Act
4. A “design nerd” online discussion of gas pumps and terminals
5. Oregon self service
(This one is especially important, even if you don’t live in Oregon.)
6. Changing face of gasoline marketing



6 Responses to “Gas…Pump…Card…Readers–More Than You Ever Possibly Wanted to Know”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Good grief! More than I ever wanted to know, but you warned me.
    I get annoyed when it doesn’t produce a receipt and demands that I see the cashier. Okay, I come to pay-at-the-pump so I don’t have to go inside! I usually ignore such things, but Tim just can’t bring himself not to go get the receipt.

  2. modestypress Says:


    It frequently prints out your receipts at the terminal I am using.

  3. Cameron Says:

    LOL! I’ll pay your postage for them–Tim is quirky about matching every receipt to the online banking transaction, so it’s a hassle when I can’t get it.

  4. trured73 Says:

    I didn’t click on a single link. Now what?

  5. modestypress Says:


    You are impeccable and uncontaminated by stupid links. You not only didn’t get caught in the quicksand; you don’t even have to wipe quicksand off your shoes.


    The check’s in the mail.

  6. I didn’t click any of the links either. So I don’t know about the hideous prospect of having to pump my own gas. I can’t face it.

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