Creatures Who Leap Up on You

October 11, 2007

We live on lot #3 of four lots subdivided from the original 20-acre parcel. The Friendly Neighbors live on lot #1 (southwest corner). Joe and Melinda own lot #2. We built on lot #3 because it had a “standard septic” designation (saving us several thousand dollars when we had our “drain field” put in).

I took Random Granddaughter for a walk down the gravel road to the mail box to pick up the mail. In the past, she has demonstrated a tendency to whine when asked to walk for some distance. I was pleased that she walked the entire distance; not only striding vigorously but also jumping over every mud puddle she encountered.

At lot #2, I noticed that Joe was working on his well house. We live on lot #3. Our house is completed, but our well is naked to the world. The Friendly Neighbors who built their house, live on lot #1. The owners of lot #4 are mysteries so far.

Joe and Melinda were married about a year ago. Melinda has a son of about 20 from a previous marriage; so I guess Joe and Melinda are about 40. Getting married at 40 strikes me as very romantic.

We have no well house. Our well stands naked to the world. Joe and Melinda have not built a house yet, but Joe has built a work of art with his well house.  A family of elves could live very happily in this tiny mansion.

Joe and Melinda own a small dog named Leand. It is small (not tiny) and short-haired; if they told me the breed, I forgot.

Leand is very friendly. When RG and I approached, Leand ran up barking enthusiastically. He focused on RG as another small creature, trying to leap up on her and lick her face.

RG was not terrified, and did not start crying, but she did not like Leand’s taking liberties with her person. She turned around and started running back to the road. I followed and picked her up, so Leand could not leap on her any more.

After we had returned home, I told Mommy about RG’s encounter with Leand.

“Good” said my daughter’s out-of-law partner. “RG has been asking us for a dog.” Mommy, and Mama (my daughter) are not dog fans, and would prefer RG to be satisfied with Sylvie (their little cat) as a pet. RG loves Sylvie (as she tells her several times a day), but she wants a dog also. After all, her best friend Mia has a dog.

“Next time she asks about getting a dog, I will remind her about how Leand tried to jump up on her. Every time she has an unpleasant encounter with a dog, we remind her of it.”

I suppose at some point I will tell RG about boys. They also will try to put their paws all over her and lick her face, I will tell her. She doesn’t have to be terrified of them, either, but at times heading back to the road may not be a bad idea.


4 Responses to “Creatures Who Leap Up on You”

  1. renaissanceguy Says:

    I can understand their not wanting to have a dog, but I wish they wouldn’t give her a bad impression of dogs in general. How do you feel about it?

    The could tell her that, although some dogs are nice, one pet is enough. They could tell her that cats and dogs don’t always get along.

    Boys are another story. I have two daughters. I’m very protective of them, and will probably tell them that all guys are jerks and that they should stay away from them forever. Just kidding, but I will tell them, as you suggest, that it is appropriate to run away sometimes (or slap his face).

  2. teaspoon Says:

    I’m with renaissanceguy on this one. Dogs are wonderful creatures. She shouldn’t be taught to dislike them just because her parents do.

    I like your scheme to keep her away from boys, though. 🙂

  3. modestypress Says:

    They are not really telling her that dogs are “bad.” They just point out the drawbacks and telling her when she wants to play with a dog she can go across the street to Mia’s house and play with Mia’s dog.

    Also, although Sylvie is the friendliest cat in the world, and was always willing to be friendly with the late Sebastian cat (who never reciprocated), I suspect that now that she has the house (and her pets) to herself, she probably would not want at this point in her life want to share with a dog.

  4. renaissanceguy Says:

    RN, understood.

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