6I Meanwhile

November 16, 2007

After high school, I went to the University of California and flunked out a year before the Free Speech Movement. (Speech is safely back in jail.)

In the meantime, Henriette had a baby. I don’t know if Carl was an accident or a purpose. Perhaps, realizing that she was not going to be an opera singer at the Met, Henriette decided to have a soap opera.

As Henriette had been supporting her husband Morton, it may be that he was not happy with sharing life with another baby. In any case, they separated for a while. Henriette came out to California with her baby and lived with her sister Naomi for a while. I met baby Carl but I don’t remember him saying anything interesting. (When baby Random Daughter came along a few years later, I thought every gurgle and burp and scream was fascinating. Amazing how that works.)

Eventually, Henriette and Morton got together again in New York City. Eventually, my rich cousin Joanna flew everybody to Vermont for a family reunion and I met nephew Carl. With Morton as a daddy, I was not surprised that he did not seem much of a happy camper. A bit like my youngest brother J, Carl was a bit of a computer geek who seemed uncertain of how to relate to other human beings.

Eventually, Carl moved out to the western United States, in part to separate himself from his parents and try to find a life for himself.


One Response to “6I Meanwhile”

  1. janie Says:

    I hope Carl is doing all right at this point.

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