Latest in High-Tech Low-Tech Toys

November 22, 2007

At dinner Saturday night, Random Granddaughter only ate a few bites of her food and then asked to be excused from the dinner table. Whether her difficult relationship with food as a preschooler is something her parents will just chuckle about when she is older or is a hint of later dangerous difficulties to come in teenage years such as anorexia and bulemia I have no way of knowing.

In any case, as RG was having difficulty settling down and was talking about wandering the house at night will little cat Sylvie, she complained about being hungry. Neither Mommy offered to feed her.

The next morning, after sleeping in her bed as a little girl should do (properly leaving the job of wandering around the house all night to Sylvie), she was in a better mood and ate some breakfast. Later she invited Mommy (Out of law partner and birth mother), Mamma (Random Daughter), Grandma, and Grandpa for a picnic at the beach. She examined the very cloudy sky and told us the sun was shining brightly. (Having been warned of the bright light in the sky, I put on my hat and sunglasses.)

RG brought in a hamper containing food for the beach picnic. I was a bit curprised to see her pull out a wooden knife and begin slicing a wooden apple which obligingly opened up into slices. Examing my apple slice revealed a bit of velcro in the middle (instead of a worm).

After we ate our wooden food, we went for a swim in the ocean on the floor. No sharks attacked us. When Random Daughter was a little girl, Mrs. Random pretended to be a “land shark” so convincingly she scared her daughter, though as an adult, Random Daughter seems to have recovered from her childhood trauma.

Later, we went for a real walk outdoors, eventually ending up at the playground.


2 Responses to “Latest in High-Tech Low-Tech Toys”

  1. janie Says:

    RG is blessed with very sensible mommies.

  2. I would like to go on an indoor picnic with a wooden velcro apple. So much more sensible than all that peeling, and seeds to deal with.

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