Peace Treaty

December 28, 2007

Mama and Mommy discussed how they were going to talk with Random Granddaughter about Jesus.

My wife and I try to grandparent with a light hand, but we certainly listened with interest.

“We should talk about it,” said my daughter. “After all, she has been opening the windows on her Advent Calendar and it’s time for the window showing the baby Jesus.”

My daughter and her partner and my wife are fairly liberal in their political views. They are a little taken back at times by my cynicism, though they generally manage to tolerate me. Liberals are supposed to be tolerant of people.

They tend to think people should live in peace with each other. I tend to agree with that sentiment as a good intention, but I suspect that as people have been killing each other violently for a long time, they are not likely to stop any time soon.

In any case, my daughter and her partner decided they should talk to Random Granddaughter about Jesus. They said they would present Him as a person who tried to bring peace to the world.

I decided not to fight with them about it.


2 Responses to “Peace Treaty”

  1. Vicky Says:

    What a peaceful response Random. 🙂

    I admit to being surprised that they had a religious Advent calendar to begin with, but even claiming to be agnostic or atheism, you still can’t ignore the life of Jesus Christ.

    Maybe, in your light-handed way, you could remind them what Jesus had to say about peace.

  2. modestypress Says:

    I don’t know that “anti-religious” would be the most accurate or precise way to describe my family. My daughter was raised with an awareness of her parents’ beliefs (or lack of beliefs, if you prefer), but rants against religion were not served with breakfast each morning in our household.

    One of the students who graduated from college with my daughter and her partner and still a close friend went on to Seminary and is now a (liberal) Episcopalian minister. Years ago she performed the (not a legal) wedding ceremony for my daughter and her partner. When my daughter attended the two-year Canadian international college, she had a Catholic Canadian friend over for Christmas vacation. My daughter attended a Christmas mass with her friend that year.

    My daughter’s partner was raised as an Episcopalian. Her mother still goes to church.

    My wife was raised (sort of) as a Christian Scientist. (A belief system that strikes me as a very strange variation on Christianity.)

    So I don’t think my family can be described as one that ignores the life of Jesus Christ. As you know from innumerable arguments on worldmagblog, not everyone accepts him as a divine figure. Each of us has our own opinions on the matter. Random Granddaughter will be encouraged to eventually develop her own, though at 3 and 5/6 years of age, she is a bit young to start a career of evangelical outreach. Though she has told Mommy that she is “almost grown up” and that her mommies are deciding too many things for her. So I expect we will have many surprises and interesting discussions ahead of us.

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