Silly Result of Quiz

December 28, 2007

What’s your theological worldview?
created with
You scored as Modern Liberal

You are a Modern Liberal. Science and historical study have shown so much of the Bible to be unreliable and that conservative faith has made Jesus out to be a much bigger deal than he actually was. Discipleship involves continuing to preach and practice Jesus’ measure of love and acceptance, and dogma is not important in today’s world. You are influenced by thinkers like Bultmann and Bishop Spong.

Modern Liberal




Classical Liberal


Reformed Evangelical


Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan




Neo orthodox


Roman Catholic





8 Responses to “Silly Result of Quiz”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    Hmmm… Modern liberal, huh?

  2. modestypress Says:

    No. The quiz is slanted so someone who takes it comes out as something religious. Radical Agnostics apparently can’t exist in the quizzer’s universe.

  3. Interesting. I turned out as a Classical Liberal, with this definition: You are a classical liberal. You are sceptical about much of the historicity of the Bible, and the most important thing Jesus has done is to set us a good moral example that we are to follow. Doctrines like the trinity and the incarnation are speculative and not really important, and in the face of science and philosophy the surest way we can be certain about God is by our inner awareness of him. Discipleship is expressed by good moral behaviour, but inward religious feeling is most important.

    That’s actually pretty accurate, if one assumes that I believe in paternalistic monotheism, which I don’t. So I suppose one might say that given the restrictions of the quiz, this was accurate.

  4. cheles Says:

    I found this interesting as well. I too, turned out to be a Classical Liberal.

  5. Cameron Says:

    It’s no surprise to me (or to Random, probably!) that I came out a Reformed Evangelical at 89%.

    I do believe the Bible is literal, I believe preaching the Word is a means of grace, and so on. Somehow, through it all, Random and I are friends 🙂

  6. renaissanceguy Says:

    I was pegged as an Evangelical–Holiness/Wesleyan at 88%. Of course, that is accurate.

  7. renaissanceguy Says:

    I wanted to add that I found many of the questions leading and vague. They revealed the bias of the quiz preparer, not just in the ways mentioned, but in his or her assumptions about various branches of the Christian faith.

  8. It is kind of hilarious, when you think about it, to quantify spirituality with fancy words.

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