Hurry Up

January 28, 2008


“Mommy is making a birthday cake for us,” said Random Granddaughter. “She wants to know what kind of frosting to put on it, banilla or chocolate.”

I thought about it. Vanilla frosting is fine, but chocolate is chocolate. “Chocolate,” I said.

“Grandpa wants chocolate frosting,” RG called to the kitchen.

A few minutes later she came to the table with a plastic bag containing candles. She pulled out a candle. “I want this candle.” The candle was pink. RG thought a little more. She pulled out three more candles. “I get four candles.” I will be four years old. “

“Pick a color for your candle, Grandpa,” she said. I pulled out a candle, more or less at random.

“You picked a blue candle. I have a pink candle,” RG said.

“How original,” said Grandma.

“How old are you, Grandpa?” she asked.

“I just turned 64,” I said. “There aren’t 64 candles in your bag of candles. I will use one candle 64 times.” I held the candle up and counted, “One.” I put the candle down. I picked the candle up and counted “Two.” I put the candle down. I continued picking the candle up, counting, and then putting the candle down.

By the time I got to eight or so, RG was laughing. I made a mental note, This joke gets a laugh. It’s hard to do comedy for preschoolers. I need all the good jokes I can get.

RG is pretty good at counting. I hear her counting all the time as she plays with her dolls and stuffed animals. She thought about the number 64. Even though it’s an even number, it sounded odd and incomplete to her.

“You need to hurry up so you get to 65,” she said.

“That’s quite all right,” I replied. “I got to 64 quite fast enough. I think I will stop and rest a bit.”



7 Responses to “Hurry Up”

  1. aniche Says:

    Funny what kids can laugh at. My niece laughs if someone claps!

  2. vroni1208 Says:

    🙂 Chocolate is chocolate, but who can turn down banilla? She sounds like a true sweetheart! Happy Birthday, Mr. Random! (Belated)

  3. Cameron Says:

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  4. pandemonic Says:

    What a cute story. Random Granddaughter sounds like a winner, for sure.

  5. trured73 Says:

    “Benilla” is quite popular at our house – as long as we have “benanas” to put on it!

  6. pmousse Says:

    Oh… I would have chosen banilla. I think your jokes are just grand, even though I am many years past preschool.

  7. I love it that she thinks you should hurry up and be 65. Perhaps she has some awareness of that as retirement age.

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