In a Flash

January 28, 2008

Mommy placed five candles on the birthday cake and lit the candles.

“I can blow out the candles,” said Random Granddaughter. She began to puff. It took several puffs, but at four years old, who is counting?

As she got to the last couple of candles, she bent closer to make sure they puffed out. As she puffed, a few small flickers of flame started to sizzle up her long blonde hair. Mommy and Grandpa, closest to the scene, gasped in horror and then, with the same instantaneous reaction blew hard at the tiny tendrils of flame on the strands of hair.The flames went out in a second. The adults all breathed a sigh of relief and told RG to back away from the cake a little. She puffed out the last of her candles.

I blew out my candle.I didn’t need to make a wish; I was happy enough with nothing much happening to a little girl who hadn’t even really noticed what had not happened.


5 Responses to “In a Flash”

  1. pmousse Says:

    Those split second moments… a beloved pet stepping out in front of a car, a more beloved child with fire in her hair… thank goodness for quick reactions and the ability to carry on.

  2. shriek

    That’s a story you’ll tell her much, much later in life as a cautionary tale, I bet.

  3. cheles Says:

    Oh, my gosh. Smooth move ya’ll! lol.

  4. Pete Says:

    All the above, plus you didn’t have to worry about your hair catching fire, ’cause at 64 you can’t have much! tee hee hee. Sorry Mr R I couldn’t resist (And I likely have even less than you and I’m 51!)

  5. modestypress Says:

    Actually, the men in my family generally don’t go bald and die with a pretty full head of hair. When they bury me, they won’t have to stick a wig on me. Unless RG sets my hair on fire playing with candles.

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