January 29, 2008

The next morning at breakfast, mean Mommy had a few stern words for RG. “We had a discussion about closing the lids of your stamp pads after you use them.” [Along with putting stickers on paper, RG likes stamping pictures on paper with various little stamp pads.]

Mommy continued, “I found open stamp pads in the car. The ink dries out and the stamp pads are not good any more. I asked you to be sure to close the lids on your stamp pads.”

RG was obviously not interested in this discussion. She avoided her mother’s eyes. She seemed not to listen.

About fifteen minutes later, I heard a raised voice from the other room. RG was saying something to the effect of, “You didn’t ask my permission. You didn’t ask me first!” I didn’t quite get the whole gist of the conversation.

I asked Grandma what was going on. “RG is getting back at Mommy. She’s telling her off about something.”

I haven’t bought a birthday present for RG yet. I thought, Maybe I will buy her a bag. On the bag it will say “BAGGAGE.” Four years old is old enough to start collecting baggage. She can assemble it neatly into her bag and some day she can present it to a therapist and say, “Here is my baggage. I brought a bag of my baggage so I can talk about it with you. When I was four years old, my Mommy stamped on me…”


3 Responses to “Stamped”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    That’s precious. I think I needed one of those bags when I was 4.

  2. modestypress Says:

    I’m still dragging mine around. Even when it gets wet in the rain, it doesn’t seem to shrink.

  3. pmousse Says:

    The baggage just seems to magically get bigger and bigger over the years.

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