Elimination Room Values #1

February 1, 2008

Because of my job, I have to drive a lot from one location to another. From time to time, I use various public bathrooms, some provided by my employer, others in restaurants, stores, office buildings, and other public locations.

Public bathroom is an odd phrase. Very few public bathrooms have a bath. Humans don’t like to use the most pungent Anglo-Saxon words for body functions in public. Nevertheless, saying public elimination room would be forthright without being offensive.

As I mentioned, I probably got many of my values from my parents. This extends not only to values such as not casually murdering or raping people, or not carelessly stealing from others (though if I were discreet, precise, and careful about engaging in such activities you might never know about them) but also values such as washing my hands after using a public elimination room. I remember as a small child my father sternly telling me, “Make sure you wash your hands after using the bathroom,” and so I did and so I do.


One Response to “Elimination Room Values #1”

  1. pmousse Says:

    And so you should. 🙂

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