Another Career Change Suggestion for David

February 19, 2008

It may be too late for this to work. David seems to have had a giant breakthrough. So I just offer this post as a historical curiousity.

Besides trying to help David find a compatible significant other (in which case he will owe me a “woo ware” payment), I am trying to find him a good job/career (in which case he will owe me a job placement fee). [All fees are voluntary and the amount is set by the client.]

I have suggested Culture Coach. This option is still in play. The problem is how to find someone who will pay him for providing this valuable service. The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) has several announcers who provide such a service in their broadcasts. I don’t know if they will hire an American, or how one gets hired by them, but it’s a clue.

However, I have another suggestion: Professional Psychotherapy Patient

David would be hired by an educational institution that trains therapists.

As the students approach the end of their training, their adviser/mentor/professors would say:

Here is your final exam. His name is David. He has a few problems. Please help him fix them.

Week 1

Student: David is very intelligent and interesting. I think this will be an interesting project.

Professor: Hmm…

Week 10:

Custodian: Sir, another student has committed suicide. Should I dispose of the cadaver in the usual fashion?

Professor: Yes, add it to the faculty compost pile.

Custodian: Excuse me, sir, do any of the students actually pass the final exam?

Professor: Yes, about one in four.

Custodian: How do they pass? What is the correct answer to the final exam?

Professor: To get a “B” they learn that not everybody can be “cured.” To get an “A” they learn that the pain never” goes away”; one just learns to live with it and deal with it. Ah, here’s the next student.

Hello, let me introduce you to David. He has a few problems. Please help him fix them…



However, after reading David’s latest blog post, I realize it may be too late for him to embark on this interesting career. Oh, well.

7 Responses to “Another Career Change Suggestion for David”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    It’s never too late…

    Never say never…

    Besides, David has Canadian roots, I believe, and I can see him fitting in at the CBC quite nicely.

  2. Ela Says:

    that was funny, I am sure he would be an asset to the final exam:)

    In the world of the internet it isn’t easy to know if one is joking.
    I take it as a joke not as a satiric kick in a balls to straighten someone up.

    Sometimes we do spent too much time on our health, inventing new disorders.
    saying that a 60 year old is really a 12 year old in development is also playing and attaching a disorder, kind of like alter ego.

    Anyhow, what you wrote was very funny.
    I had a good laugh at the expense of the poor students! what a nut to crack!:)

  3. Corina Says:

    See? Even Ela knows you’re a nut!

  4. modestypress Says:


    But is it OK to never say never say never?


    I beg your pardon. I am a 64-year-old who may be a 14-year-old in development.


    Especially Ela knows I am a nut.



  5. Ela Says:

    Thanks and pardon me papa!

  6. One of my uncles was actually quite a famous radio personality in Canada. Maybe he can give me an introduction.

    Although driving (more) psychotherapists to suicide would me much more fun. There’s something to be said for job satisfaction.

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