Chihuahuas Are Good, Too

February 27, 2008

Pete once asked me to write stories about pets, especially dogs.

When I wrote some stories about chihuahuas, he was a little disappointed, though I eventually did post some better stories, I think.

But let’s give chihuahuas their due. Though this one is a little overdue, I’m afraid.

3 Responses to “Chihuahuas Are Good, Too”

  1. janie Says:

    I would imagine pythons are quite partial to chihuahuas, and perhaps to dachshunds. In Montana where I grew up, we used to say that people who were walking small dogs were “trolling for mountain lions”. (And, yes, some did get snatched away.)

  2. Pete Says:

    What a touching story! Anybody who keeps snakes and chihuahuas in the same house is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. At least that is what the dog told me.

  3. pandemonic Says:

    Hey! I like ’em!

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