How I Got Fired

March 8, 2008


Before someone has a heart attack (which might speak well of you in that you care about me that much, but I would prefer that your heart keep ticking normally, unless it’s REALLY something you feel you have to do), I am speaking of an event about 25 years ago. In terms of my current predicament, it looks as if I will be on probation and have to follow a plan of self improvement. That’s not official yet, so I am still tied to the railroad tracks, if loosely.

As I’ve mentioned, during my life I’ve had about eight major jobs (jobs where I made enough money to live on–along with my wife’s various jobs, of course) and a variety of minor jobs (part time, supplemental, and temporary jobs.)

An odd aspect of this is that almost each job was an unhappy one and ended badly. Before I had time to get really depressed about a job ending badly, I quickly got another really bad job. As I get older, it gets harder to get a new job, even a bad one. A few years ago, even without losing a job (probably because 1) I feared losing another job and 2) I realized I was clinging to this job too desperately (something I always do) I got depressed. Genuine clinical depression, diagnosed by a psychiatrist.

I will tell that story pretty soon. My bout with depression has a really funny aspect to it. Really.

But first, I have to tell two stories. First, I will tell about only time I was actually fired from a major job. Second, I will tell about the time I was offered a major job and turned it down; this happened a few years ago. I sensed at the time the job was as genuine and solid as a three dollar bill. Recent international events (in Kenya, to be specific) have demonstrated it was actually as genuine as a 75 cent dollar bill, if that. I tried to say “I told you so,” to someone who thought it was genuine, but I can’t find him. Perhaps he committed suicide. Perhaps he died of a heart attack in shock. Perhaps he is just sulking and doesn’t want to talk to me. So telling all of you will have to do

But first, I will relate how I got fired. Although the details are very different, it may illustrate, in spirit at least, why I recently came close to being fired again. It’s a bad habit, and at age 64 (going on 14 in emotional maturity), I should really work on correcting my bad habits.


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