Repayment to David

March 11, 2008


David Rochester said to me once something along the lines of every writer dreams of a perfect reader. You are my perfect reader.

I was moved. If I was the type who blushes, I would have blushed. I haven’t said, and it occurs to me to I should say, back to David, You are my perfect reader as well. I appreciate your comments, encouragement, and general considerate behavior to me. Thank you.


2 Responses to “Repayment to David”

  1. Ela Says:

    I feel like a thorn who does not go away..
    I would also like to apologize to you if I said something that wasn’t considerate.
    although I wanted to stir some emotion, I am not sure why, ahh, who cares.
    I feel my comments were never helpful but bothersome.
    so I’ll go now with a Good Luck to you.

    Good bye

  2. Since it took me four days to run across this, how good a reader can I be?

    Thank you, Mr. Random.

    By the way, I was vastly entertained by the long comment you left the other day, but was in such a hurry that I never said so.

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