Upcoming Events

March 25, 2008

Two items to note about coming events.

Upcoming Visit

A four year old young lady is coming to visit us this coming weekend.

Grandma brought her some gardening tools last month for her birthday. Apparently, the shovel is the gardening tool of choice. Apparently she and best friend Mia each dig the shovel as the best among all the tools.
We have a big pile of topsoil up by our house that we are moving down to the garden to supplement the rocky natural soil. We may put RG off shoveling for life. Stay tuned for reports next week.

New Private Blog

I have been talking about my job too much. In a fashion similar to what another member of our community has done, I am starting another blog which will be members only. Probably the main purpose of the blog will be to whine about my job relatively safely. It’s not quite ready for opening, but will be available soon. If you need to get in you will need to know the blog address and you will need to have a wordpress user account.

You can request the blog address by emailing me at eman_modnar at yahoo.com and you can get a wordpress account at wordpress.com. (Correct email listed above to contact me.)
For people such as Pete, who are too discrete and sensible to have their own blog, you can sign up for an account without displaying your real or imaginary life for the amusement of thousands (or even dozens).

12 Responses to “Upcoming Events”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Will that be the end of this blog, or is this a second blog?

  2. modestypress Says:

    At the moment, I envision having two blogs.

    Modesty/Vanity Press will continue as an open access/search query responding boggy blog where I will tell stories about a four year old girl/wild life on an island eating our garden in between being shot at/how two incompatible people remained married for 42 years/and attempts to be funny/maudlin/satirical/serious/silly/profound in a watched clock seems to move every two hours sort of way.

    The new blog will be where I talk about whether or not I will be fired from my job in the last year before I retire and speculate how many people get fired from their job with less than a year to go before retiring. Only people I can trust will be admitted to this blog. Cameron, can I trust you? Can I trust Tim? Can you handle two blogs instead of one?

    The new blog will be named after a difficult and mysterious small mammal. You can guess the name or you can email me for it at eman_modnar at yahoo.com [edit email to make work].

    If you guess the mysterious creature in the next week you will win a flash drive. I owe you and Tim a flash drive already; so if you win, then you will get a matched pair. Perhaps one will say, “Jesus Saves” and the other will say…what? I haven’t decided yet. (The last was an in joke for Cameron and Tim.)

    Speaking of in jokes, have you seen any sign of Weekender/Outcast on wmb since I went on sabbatical?

  3. Dear Mr. Random:

    Isn’t it a bad plan to put your address in the searchable bloggy blog without writing out the dot and the at? I’m just a little black and white cat, so I might not know. But I thought I would ask, just as I will for the other address. We felines know how to keep our own counsel.


  4. You know where to find me, when the mysterious small difficult mammal blog is ready to roll.

  5. modestypress Says:

    Fluffy, you’re probably correct on your suggestion. The bad dogs of the Internet will probably track me down. I will edit my comment as soon as I get a moment to. Thanks you.

  6. modestypress Says:

    David, I will find you and tell you the animal’s name.

  7. Pete Says:

    I can tell you like David best! You are just gonna tell him the answer.
    I will take discreet and sensible as compliments of the highest order! I have no idea why I don’t have a blog. I actually love writing and am told by some I am good at it. I think I would complain too much if I had a blog, and I don’t want to complain. I would like to listen to you complain about your job, Random, because you are generally pretty funny when you complain, so I want to join your new blog if I am trustworthy.

  8. vroni1208 Says:

    Count me in on that one too. And like Pete, I like it when you complain because it amuses me. In a way, you remind me a bit of Lewis Black. At least, that’s who I think of when I am reading your blog. Only not as vulgar. 😀 (I mean it as a compliment, really I do!)

  9. Moongirl Says:

    Vulgar you’re not. You have a kind of wise whine, at least IMHO. Mr. Random, do you require the name of the mystery mammal (such as rabbit) or the name of the mistery mammal (such as Buggs)? And, don’t deny it….you really do love David best. FTL, jen .. Oh, off subject, sort of; I tried to create a dual WordPress and I was unable to use to separate usernames, hence, I’m stuck with “Moongirl” rather than “Jennymac”. FTL

  10. modestypress Says:

    I am seeking the name of the mammal. The mammal is not furry and not much like a rabbit.

    To have a separate WordPress account, (dual) as you put it, you have to use a different email and set up a completely separate account. This may be easier for people with alternative personalities (such as one or two or eight people I could mention), but even bumblers such as I figure out how to do it eventually.

  11. Cameron Says:

    No sign of Weekenderman/OutKast or a few others… Anlir has claimed he’s leaving, though.

  12. Vanni B Says:

    I’m glad Modesty/Vanity Press will continue. I’ve enjoyed it for so long…I shall remain a loyal reader here. I wish you all the best with your new private blog. *Sigh* I wish for simpler times.

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