Before the Visit

March 30, 2008

Mr. Random: It would be nice if Random Granddaughter could visit us once without having a meltdown. What are you fixing for lunch?

Mrs. Random:  I am making deviled eggs.

Mr.: Does she eat deviled eggs?

Mrs.: I am making plain eggs as well. She can have any kind of eggs she wants. Though not green.  If they stay for dinner, we will have chicken. Very plain chicken. From now on, until she learns to get over her fusses about food, they will eat very plain food when they come to visit.

Mr.: Well, we will see if that works.

Mrs.: Well, she will be bored. There’s not enough things to do to amuse her here.

Mr.: I checked out some books from the library. Easy reader books now that she is learning to read. Also, she is bringing her shovel. She can dig. She can put dirt into the wheelbarrow and push it down to the garden.

Mrs.: She can’t push the wheelbarrow by herself!

Mr.: She’s big for her age.

Mr. Random on the telephone to Mommy: Did you get my message last night? I emailed you some ferry tickets as an Acrobat attachment?

Mommy: Yes, but our Internet was not working last night so we couldn’t get it. I don’t know if we be able to get the tickets this morning before we leave.

Mr. R: OK, well, we’ll see you when you get here.

As you can see, everybody is ready for the visit.


3 Responses to “Before the Visit”

  1. Vicky Says:

    And all of us are anxious to hear how the visit was yesterday! I’m wondering too if she tried the deviled eggs and if she liked them? My two grands love them.

  2. Moongirl Says:

    I’ll wait patiently without meltdown…. maybe. FTL, jen

  3. pandemonic Says:

    You have to expect meltdowns, from Random Granddaughters and Random Daughters.

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