Taking Coals to Newcastle and Little Girls to the Mailbox

April 6, 2008

Random Granddaughter brought her little spade. After her nap, everyone went outside to the big pile of dirt. She shoveled several spadefuls into the wheelbarrow. Grandpa pushed the wheelbarrow down to the garden.

RG shoveled several spadefuls onto a seedbed Grandma is preparing. I took RG on a tour of this year’s garden, pointing out raspberries, boysenberries, blueberries, and tayberries. I also pointed out less interesting items such as onions, peas just breaking through the soil, and chard left over from last year.

I also showed her the Italian (prune) plum tree (not leafed yet), the crabapple tree proudly displaying leaves, the Spitzenberg tree with a few tentative leaves, and the new apple tree with four varieties grafted on to the trunk.

We then went for a walk to the mailbox. RG has fallen back into her “it’s too far” whining. “I’m going back to the house,” she threatened. Mommy said, “OK, we’re going to the mailbox.” RG disappeared down the driveway, clearly sulking and heading for a meltdown. Mommies and grandparents proceeded down the gravel road. After a while, we saw a little figure following us down the driveway. We slowed, and by the time she caught up with us she was having so much fun stomping in puddles in her boots she had forgotten to sulk in the joy of spashing.

When we got the mail box, she looked inside and found it empty. It was, as Mommy said, a “teachable moment” where RG learned that the mailman doesn’t even ring once on Sunday.

4 Responses to “Taking Coals to Newcastle and Little Girls to the Mailbox”

  1. trured73 Says:

    Hmmmm….maybe I should splash around in puddles in my boots. I think it sounds like an excellent treatment for meltdowns. I have found that if I chase my daughter around with my camera telling her that I’m going to take a picture of her “crabby face” she forgets about the meltdown.

  2. modestypress Says:

    We have many pictures of RG smiling and looking endearing, but few of her crying and sulking and generally being a brat. This lack of documentation will make it difficult to blackmail her in regard to boyfriends or girlfriends (as the case may be) in the future.

  3. pandemonic Says:

    Random Granddaughter sounds like a hoot! Okay, so maybe I’m enjoying her from afar and don’t know what I’m talking about. I think I’d have a blast with her. I can throw down a much bigger meltdown than she can, I’m sure!

  4. David Says:

    I wish I lived someplace with the type of mailbox you have … mine just comes in my front door, which is best for security purposes, but no fun.

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