One Good Thing and One Bad Thing Happened Yesterday.

April 7, 2008

One bad thing and one good thing happened Sunday. I’ll get the bad thing out of the way, though it’s hanging around in a bad way and not really getting out of the way. It has to do with the generator from hell.

Actually, a good thing didn’t happen and that’s the bad thing.

Early on, when we moved to island exurbia, we bought a generator. People told us the electricity goes out frequently on the island and we would need to have a generator. This is true.

The generator has never worked properly and has never done us much good. It destroyed our stereo when the electrician tested it.

The only thing we really need it for is to run the refrigerator enough to keep food from spoiling and to run the well pump so we can run water through the plumbing. We have a wind-up flashlight and a wind-up radio.

It argues with the refrigerator. Even when it’s working, I doubt it’s going to save the our food for us.

After the initial failures, I gave up on it. So the gas spoiled and the battery went dead. We had to haul it in to the dealer who got it working and said it is fine.

So we made vows to run it every month so the battery wouldn’t go dead and we would use up and replace the gas (and yes to all the sophisticated gasoline people, we are using gasoline preservative, also).

The story gets longer and more boring, so I won’t go into the details. Sunday we tried to give the generator its monthly workout and it wouldn’t start.

All I can say is that if some big serious disaster, like an earthquake or a tsunami or a terrorist attack occurs, and we are really dependent on the generator for our survival, we are really screwed.

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One Response to “One Good Thing and One Bad Thing Happened Yesterday.”

  1. David Says:

    Oh, dear. I guess you have a “generation gap,” but not in the usual sense of the phrase.

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