Loose Lips Sink Ships

April 9, 2008

During World War II, Americans, who were used to living in a free and open society that valued freedom of speech, found it difficult to accept the fact if they talked to neighbors such as the charming Mrs. Boccarini and said things like, “My Son, Eric, is sailing on the destroyer Dipsy-Do, because his battalion is going to invade Mussolini’s Italy,” it might be that said neighbor was in the pay of or allegiance to Mussolini who himself was in allegiance to Adolph Hitler who was in partnership with Japan. And after Mrs. Boccarini passed that information on to her “handler,” a German sub would seek out the Dipsy-Do and sink it with Eric and all his fellow American soldiers aboard. So the US government told people in the armed forces,
worried that spies in the allegiance to or pay of our enemies would carelessly reveal information “Loose lips sink ships.”

In more recent times, a blogger using the blog name “Dooce” wrote about her job and her boss on her blog and was fired.

I am very close to being fired from my job. It is tempting to let off steam by writing about it. I am trying to keep my job until I plan to retire on my 65th birthday in January 2009. One (perhaps not very good) solution is to only talk about it in a blog whose name I keep secret and to whom I only admit people I trust, such as Vicky and Vroni. This is why I deleted messages from my last post which made reference to the secret blog.

If you consider yourself trustworthy and can convince me of it and want to read my secret blog, contact me by email by writing to eman_modnar@yahoo.com and I will tell you how to read the secret blog. If you are not trustworthy, you have relatives in Germany, perhaps?

True fact: my best friend in grade school in Los Angeles was named Danny Ikenberg. His mother and father were German Jews. After Hitler came to power, unlike many other German Jews, they saw the handwriting on the wall, and they were able to get out of Germany and emigrate to the United States while the getting was good. Danny’s mom was the den mother of my cub scout troop. She also gave German lessons to my father who wanted (I don’t know why) to learn German.

One day talking to my parents (as I, about nine years old, listened), Mrs. Ikenberg said, “Many German Jews admired Hitler as a leader. They said, ‘Adolph is a great leader. If only he wouldn’t say such bad things about the Jews.’

The Ikenbergs lived to raise my friend Danny. Those other Jews became ex-Jews. In fact, they became ex-people.


2 Responses to “Loose Lips Sink Ships”

  1. vroni1208 Says:

    I’m with the Alliance! I swear! I didn’t name names! I was black-listed!

  2. modestypress Says:

    OK, vroni. R2D2 has decided I can trust you.

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