The Mysterious Neighbors

April 13, 2008

The bad news was that I can’t get the generator to start.

The good news is that the mystery of the missing neighbors has been solved and looks to be a happy ending eventually.

The west side of our gravel private road was a 20 acre lot sub-divided into four five-acre lots. The Friendly Neighbors live on lot #1 in a splendid but in sensible good taste house they built themselves. Although they are devout Christians who go to church every Sunday and my wife and I are non-believers, we get along with them very well. They have a splendid garden and are helpful to us in many ways. They bought some chickens a few weeks ago and built a splendid chicken house. They also own a cat who was rescued and is very shy.

Lot #2 is owned by Joe and Melinda. They haven’t built a home yet, but they put in a well and a splendid well-house, so I think they are serious about settling down. They got married a couple years ago (both around the age of 40, which I think is very romantic, though Matilda has been married before and has a young adult son). They own small but not tiny dog named Leand. We have had bad experiences with neighbors with dogs, Leand will probably be fine, even though he is too enthusiastic about trying to jump up so he can try to lick Random Granddaughter’s face, but that’s OK because her mommies are not big dog fans and don’t want her to get obsessed with having a dog along with a cat, though they don’t “hate” dogs, just as they don’t “hate” men even though they are two women in relationship. Also we hope they will keep Leand tied up, as many of our neighbors in the past have not done with their dogs. However, coyotes live in our neighborhood, and they like dogs just fine, so that problem if it comes may be self-correcting.

We bought lot #3 because it is the only lot of the four with a “standard perc” (which means it was a lot cheaper to put in our septic tank). Our house is down a windy gravel driveway from the gravel shared private road where you can’t see our little house as you drive by on the gravel road because Mrs. Random likes a lot of privacy. Who knows what she is really up to?

Our well does not have a well house, so it’s naked and shameless to the world. Also, it’s awkwardly located, so if you’re backing out of our drive way at the point where you have to turn and start going forward you might back into the well if you’re careless, though we put some rocks around it so they might stop you unless you are really drunk. But we never serve people more liquor than a glass of wine, so it will probably work out.

Then there’s the mysterious lot #4, which I will talk about in the next episode.

6 Responses to “The Mysterious Neighbors”

  1. Vanni B Says:

    I’m quite curious about your island situation. We have a similar setup on our island. The big difference is that the forested area is common to all of us. I’m reluctant to write about my neighbours even though no one there knows I have a blog.

  2. modestypress Says:

    Hi Vanni,

    The island situation is complicated, and I am somewhat reluctant to write about it very much. The increasing edges and overlaps between my everyday life and my blog life are making me somewhat uneasy; hence my adoption of a semi-secret blog.

    The initial crunch involves my job, but I could see my island life becoming delicate and complex in terms of the interactions between blog life and “real” life. I may have to go into the witness protection program.

  3. Vanni B Says:

    I know what you mean. You’re more forthright about the people in your life… that could be why I find it all so interesting. OK… you got me… email me your semi-secret blog if you’re going to write about your island life there.

  4. truce Says:

    “However, coyotes live in our neighborhood, and they like dogs just fine, so that problem if it comes may be self-correcting.”

    *still giggling at that one, even though I know that’s probably cruel*

  5. David Says:

    I think I need to take a nap and then read this again, because I’m sure you didn’t actually say that your neighbors lick your granddaughter’s face. Then again, you do live on an island, and customs may be different.

  6. modestypress Says:

    Neighbor’s dog tried to lick my granddaughter’s face. Dogs do try to do that. RG was not enthralled, which pleased mommies as they don’t hate dogs but don’t particularly want a daughter to want a dog.

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