Marie’s Descendant Now Manages a Costco in Paris

April 23, 2008

When told that the peasants of France had no bread and were starving, the unfortunate queen, Marie Antionnette, reportedly said, “Let them eat cake.” Such bad press caused the Austrian-born queen to lose esteem and eventually a head.

Historians have long doubted that Marie actually made such a statement. Desultory research by the highly disesteemed Random Institute for Bogus Research has discovered the true remarks uttered by the queen:

She said: Let them eat ethanol.

Marie’s great-great-grand something now manages a Costco warehouse store in Paris.


16 Responses to “Marie’s Descendant Now Manages a Costco in Paris”

  1. Pete Says:

    I imagine some of the starving people of the world would like to see the head of the person who invented ethanol for fuels head on a platter!

  2. modestypress Says:


    I don’t think the head on a platter will be good to eat, either.

  3. What kind of baffles me is why people didn’t figure out sooner that biofuels are kind of a bad idea due to limited agricultural ground to grow the grains used for fuel. The biodiesel in Portland is almost all made from recycled restaurant fryer grease, but I think we’re the exception.

  4. modestypress Says:

    Good point, David. I often have the same wonderings, sometimes about myself and sometimes about others. For example, wonder 1: why didn’t it occur to my wife and I if we started a business we knew nothing about and had no experience in, we would go broke and almost ruin our lives and our marriage? Wonder 2: why didn’t it occur to me if I worked in an extremely hierarchical and obsessive-compulsive organization and didn’t display the same kind of behavior, and talked back to my bosses I would end up in a lot of trouble? Wonder 3: If people built a city below sea level in an area frequently hit by hurricanes eventually the whole city would be underwater? Wonder 4: If big banks loaned money to people who couldn’t afford to buy houses and then traded groups of these loans around they would eventually end up with a world wide financial crisis? Wonder 5: If the world tolerates an insane out of touch dictator like Robert Mugabe eventually his country will turn into another Rwanda with massive loss of life and suffering and everyone will say Why didn’t we see this coming and do something? Oh, that one hasn’t happened yet. Maybe I will be wrong about that one.

  5. David Says:

    Yeah … it’s that old “Train? What oncoming train?” syndrome. Maybe some trains are phantom trains, and not easy to see when you’re directly in their path.

  6. Pete Says:

    And Random…Every event you listed has been repeated many times in the past, to one degree or another. I don’t know where the “It’s different this time” mentality came from. And the fuel from restraunt waste oil is one of the few that actually makes sense. I know people personally who brew their own, so to speak. The local restraunts are happy to give the stuff away, and a lot less energy is consumed turning fat into fuel than corn into fuel.
    /Off my saop box/

  7. modestypress Says:

    Pete, get a patent your soap box. Although the message has been stated before, there are plenty of people who need to wash their minds again, so you can probably make some money selling soap.

  8. truce Says:

    When I am Empress of the World, all politicians will by law have to employ a Historian on their staff, whose job will be to walk one pace behind them going “Ah, yes, this situation is remarkable similar to the circumstances faced by X [insert name of leader or civilisation] in the year Y which led to Z. These are the lessons from that event which could apply to our own time…”

  9. modestypress Says:


    In America, probably a Secret Service agent would shoot the Historian before he had a chance to finish his relevant comment. The agents would fear the President’s head exploding if he were presented with such information.

  10. pandemonic Says:

    Can you bake a cake from ethanol?

    I’m all for eliminating corn from the face of the earth. People should be eating far healthier foods.

  11. Pete Says:

    Is cake healthy?

  12. modestypress Says:


    My wife bakes a mean cornbread.


    If the cake exercises and eats a healthful diet, it will be a very healthy cake and live to a ripe old life, surrounded by all its little cupcakes. Piece of cake.

  13. Pete Says:

    Well, that’s better than I have done today. For breakfast I had 7 handfulls og m&m’s (Peanut, of course)and a doughnut. It was all an accident… the computer users tend to bribe me when they want something. I trained them well, but I really ought to tell them I like fruit…

  14. janie Says:

    Corn (I am actually allergic to the stuff) is indeed not a very healty food. But it would be best not to eliminate it, either my making ethanol out of it or any other way, until we can provide something else healthier to eat to all the people who now depend on it.

  15. modestypress Says:

    Corn in reasonable moderation can be part of a balanced diet. Fructose turns corn into a drug; it’s sort as if a high percentage of the food on our supermarket shelves contained crack cocaine.

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