Pre-School Substitute Teachers

May 7, 2008

1) As I’ve mentioned previously, Random Granddaughter’s mommies (Random Daughter and her Out of Law partner, aka Mama and Mommy) are phasing her out of pre-school #3. This is not her fault.The mommies have asked Grandma and Grandpa to take care of RG at her house. Tomorrow (Thursday) is my first day of being a substitute pre-school.

I emailed my daughter and told her that I would not be at their house when RG leaves for preschool. I asked her to inform the pre-school that it is acceptable to let the strange man take RG out of school. RG is a little girl with a developing imagination. It is entirely possible for her to start screaming, “Help! Help! I don’t know this man! His name is Fritzl! I am being kidnapped! Call the Amber Alert line now! Call Sylvie on her batty cat emergency line!”

My daughter said my suggestion is a good tip and she will send a note to pre-school with RG. I hope it gets there.

2) Actually, I figure RG is very excited about the idea of having Grandpa take care of her for a day. After about half an hour or so, the disappointment will set in. She will look at me and say, “Is this it? Is this all there is? Please take me back to pre-school.”

Actually, negative fantasy #2 is really Mrs. Random’s. Mrs. Random is a woman who seeks perfection much of the time. She feels an obligation to be a perfect Grandma. She doesn’t know how a perfect Grandma behaves, but she knows there is a Platonic ideal of Grandmotherhood and she doesn’t live in that hood.

I will tell RG to say to Grandma, when it is Grandma’s turn, “It is OK Grandma. I love you even if you are not the Platonic ideal of Grandmas. Grandpa read a story by Plato before my nap. It put me right to sleep, but Sylvie liked it. Grandpa said that Sylvie is a Platonic idea of family cats.”


3 Responses to “Pre-School Substitute Teachers”

  1. David Says:

    Should be an interesting afternoon, what with one thing and another.

    Plato is overrated.

  2. modestypress Says:

    Before you dismiss him so cavalierly, I think you should read Plato’s latest blog post.

  3. trucie Says:

    Plato’s not over-rated, he is mistranslated.

    He is especially not over-rated as a sleep-inducer. Believe me, I studied him for 4 years as a student and got some of the best sleep of my life…

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