Weather the Terror

May 9, 2008

Perturbed by the massive number of deaths in the country formerly known as Burma, President Bonzai, triumphant in his “War on Terror,” today announced a “War on Weather.”

However, he made a distinction between our Allies in the War on Weather, such as hurricanes (clearly native American weather fronts) and alien weather using names such as “cyclones.”

“Now ‘Hurrican Katrina’ was clearly an ally in the ‘War on Weather,'” the President said. “Many of the victims were clearly related to what’s his face…’Obama I bin a Candidate for President.’ What could be more American than that?” he continued.

“On the other hand, the Cyclops in Mummadar is called ‘Nargis.'” He went on, “Does that sound like a Weatherist in the Axles of Evil or what?”

The President also said that he would invade Mummadar and force the government to let him give the people Aids or something.

At that point, the President’s wife told him that she had some nice hot chocolate grown in Texas waiting for him and that she would tell him a nice bedtime story as she tucked him in just as he had told the American people their bedtime story.

Someone was heard humming “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” Perhaps I was just hearing things.


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