Don’t Read This

June 3, 2008

Some of my readers have indicated that they don’t like in my blog:

  • Stories that are not personal stories.
  • Stories that are links to news articles.
  • Stories that are not about Random Granddaughter.
  • Stories that are inspirational.

However, if you like to read something that you don’t like to read and then complain because you read it, this story may be just your ticket.

Melanie Roach, Olympic Weightlifter. (She’s not my sister and she ain’t heavy.)

Pictures and web page.

I did go to the gym on Sunday.

I asked Mrs. Random how much of her poppy seed bagel Random Granddaughter ate.

“Hard to say,” she said, “because of the messy way she ate it, tearing out little bits from the inside.”

“Did she say why she didn’t eat the outside with the poppy seeds?” I asked.

My wife answered, “I don’t think it had anything to do with the poppy seeds. She said her tooth hurt, so she didn’t want to eat the hard crust.

“However, later, at lunch, her teeth seemed fine and she had no trouble eating her lunch.”

I forgot to ask what she had for lunch.


6 Responses to “Don’t Read This”

  1. Pauline Says:

    I don’t know about teeth hurting from hard crust, but I remember when I first went to Spain my gums would bleed from the hard crust of their bread. Harder than any bagel crust I’ve had – I think they must coat the loaf with something that makes the crust bake particularly crisp. Inside it’s nice and chewy – kind of like a fresh bagel, maybe. I went to Spain twice, and each time it took my gums a week to get used to the bread there. Now I miss it…

  2. David Says:

    When the hell have you ever written an inspirational story????

  3. Cameron Says:

    We do like stories about RG and about rabbits, though!

  4. truce Says:

    I loathe stories that are inspirational. They make me feel as though I ought to be out there, doing something, instead of in here, eating biscuits.

    Can’t get enough of RG stories though 😉

  5. pandemonic Says:

    Some of your readers are pretty pushy, I’d say. Write what you want, if they don’t like it, they can find another blog…

    Although I agree that the RG stories are precious…

  6. Noo! I’m inspired and it’s all your fault! But seriously, there’s nothing wrong with news articles here there.

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