Butterflies and Raccoons.

July 8, 2008


Walking back to our house after our visit to the Friendly Neighbors and their ducks and chickens, we observed a swallowtail butterfly. I reminded everyone of the time a year ago when RG had informed us all that a “butterfly comes out of the raccoon.”I figured as RG is now a mature four year old, it was reasonable to explain that a butterfly comes out of the cocoon.
RG looked at me disdainfully. “Grandpa,” she explained, “a butterfly comes out of the chrysalis.”
That certainly put me in my place. I’m not sure I’ve recovered even now as I type this.






8 Responses to “Butterflies and Raccoons.”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    Damn. She’s smart AND sassy! How will you survive?

  2. vroni1208 Says:

    As my nieces often say, “Buuurrrrn!” 😀 LOL! Lookout!

  3. Pete Says:

    WOW! She’ll eat you alive by the time she’s a teen!

  4. modestypress Says:

    As I’ve said before, RG’s best friend Mia (a little smarter than she and a bit obsessive-compulsive) will someday be the Head of Homeland Securiy—or whatever it is called by then—and RG will be the person you call when the people at the lockup allow you one phone call.

  5. spectrum2 Says:

    RG the superkid–what a smart girl! Be proud grandpa

  6. I’m still picturing how a butterfly might conceivably come out of a raccoon. It isn’t pretty.

  7. modestypress Says:


    Sort of like the “Aliens” movies for pre-schoolers, I’m afraid.

  8. Yeah, that was kind of how I was picturing it. I couldn’t decide whether it would be worse for the butterfly, or for the raccoon.

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