Beet It!

July 10, 2008


I don’t have time right now to finish writing the series I started about trust and affinity groups, so that will have to wait a day or two. However, teaspoon reminded me of one more Random Granddaughter exchange last Wednesday.As we toured the garden, I pointed at various plants and asked RG if she knew what they were. “What’s that?” I asked as I pointed to one of several thickly growing plants.

“That’s a potato,” said RG. [We have a long row of potato plants growing quite lushly.]

“We have one potato plant growing at home,” said Mommy, RG’s birth mother. (Mama, my daughter , and Mommy’s partner, had to work that day.) “She knows what a potato plant looks like.”


I pointed at another plant and asked the same question.
“I don’t know,” said RG.
“It’s a beet,” I said. “When Mama was a little girl, she hated beets. She really, really hated beets. Do you think Mama still hates beets?” RG looked at Mommy. Mommy needed Yes.
[I don’t know how much sense it makes to RG when I talk about Mama being a little girl, though I would guess the concept is beginning to become a little comprehensible to her .]

I asked Random Granddaughter, “When the beets get ripe, should we make Mama eat some?”

“Yes!” said RG, in a very definite manner.

RG’s mommies should understand that this is a little girl who keeps track and keeps score and does not forget.









6 Responses to “Beet It!”

  1. spectrum2 Says:

    If papaw is good when he gets his hair cut, the hairdresser let’s him have a lollipop too (it gets a little shaky at times). My son however, greedily enjoys his pink lollipop with a look of deep interest and anticipation sat what the outcome of papaw’s haircut will be.

  2. teaspoon Says:

    In honor of you and RG, I had beets with dinner this evening.

  3. pandemonic Says:

    RG has a wicked streak in her. Good for her!

  4. vroni1208 Says:

    Smart RG! I recall my sister trying to feed my nieces stuff they didn’t like, like spinach. She’d say, “But it’s good.” They’d say, “Then YOU eat it.” That food eventually had to be picked up off the floor.

  5. modestypress Says:

    Yes, we’re all still working out which food goes on the floor. Actually, RG much prefers to eat dinner down on the floor and can’t understand why everyone insists she sit up at the table.

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