Boring Explication of RG’s Alternative Future #2

August 14, 2008

As I was thinking about writing my second boring explications about my not very good science fiction, I thought first about the Mad Max movies starring Mel Gibson.I consider it quite likely that human civilization will collapse as we run out of resources such as oil, and as human tendencies to kill each other and generally act stupidly and cruelly rises to the top like very spoiled cream. Mel Gibson is a nut case, and the movies are not particularly “realistic” about what might happen to us, but they convey a certain flavor of human monstrosity as it has appeared throughout history.

Then I thought about the postcard I got from my daughter. What will happen to my granddaughter as she grows up in her coming not very brave new world? I don’t know. I am glad that she was able to walk over a mile up a hill without whining and pee in a scary outhouse without uttering a peep at the age of four years old. This may be a good sign that she will be able to do what she needs to do when she is twenty or thirty and Grandpa won’t be around to hold her hand.

(If Grandpa is still around, he will be hiding his decrepit old self under the bed and clutching his air rifle.)



4 Responses to “Boring Explication of RG’s Alternative Future #2”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    Peeing outdoors is a good skill. I remember once my sister and I took my daughter, who was then about 3 or 4, up to the mountains. My daughter got a very bad case of car sickness. (She was the kind of kid who threw up in every car we ever had.) Or it could have been altitude sickness. We stopped in a meadow in Pike National Forest to get out of the car and stretch our legs. My daughter had to go to the bathroom, but could not do it in “nature.” She still can’t pee outside, and she’s now 18 years old.

    When the world collapses and everyone is peeing outside, she will be left with nasty underpants. Girls like RG will have the upper edge.

    Sorry for that graphic visual.

  2. modestypress Says:

    I can deal. I was the kind of daddy who changed dirty diapers (though I whined about it).

  3. Pete Says:

    Oh the thousands and thousands of gallons I save in water every year! Gotta love life in the country. Maybe I could sell water credits, kinda like carbon credits!

  4. modestypress Says:


    Not only will you be able to sell water credits for the water you save, but I have appointed you as a cheerleader for the water conservation team I am putting together.

    Get ready for your first cheer:

    GIVE ME A P…

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