RG and New Doctor for Random Update

September 6, 2008

RG News

Random Daughter called Mrs. Random last night while I was working late with an update on Random Granddaughter and her new pre-school. Bottom line, after two days she loves it. However, she has not been taking naps, so message was sent that she should at least lie down and rest.

On the second day home from pre-school she told her mommies she is having such a good time she wished she could go back that night.

File under: be careful for what you wish for, etc.

Old Coot’s Health News

My doctor sent message that he is retiring. My wife nagged about various health issues as wives do and criticized my old doctor. So I signed up for new doctor at a more convenient location.

New doctor is Asian but has a non-Asian name, so perhaps only half Asian. He has pictures of himself, wife (who doesn’t look Asian at all, reassuring me after Pandemonic warned me about Asian woman (she partly being one, so I guess that isn’t racist, or OK to be racist just as I malign Jews) and his small dog.

What kind of dog, I wondered? Article about heroic terrier who saved somebody’s life also posted on bulletin board. Maybe my new doctor is really a terrier, I wondered as I  waited for the doctor to enter the room.


5 Responses to “RG and New Doctor for Random Update”

  1. David Says:

    Is it wrong to hope that your doctor is a terrier, or that you have mistakenly signed up at the vet’s office for your annual shots and worming? The entertainment possibilities would be endless. Endless, I tell you.

  2. pandemonic Says:

    Good thing for you that the doctor, while being Asian (partly), is a man. That gender seems to have a much mellower disposition. Perhaps it’s the mellow gene? I heard there was a male gene for guys who cheat. Perhaps there is also a mellow gene for Asian dudes who must put up with Asian women.

    I would be more upset if the doctor’s dog were a toy poodle. People who own toy poodles are a true enigma.

  3. modestypress Says:

    David, I don’t know why, but your “annual shots and worming” comment cracked me up. I am still laughing out loud about it.

    The doctor did refer me to for my colonoscopy, a blood test, and a visit to an urologist. Does that qualify as just as good?


    When I taught at an exceedlingly multi-racial high school I encountered some exceedingly scary male members of Asian gangs. I remember one young man who radiated such menace just by walking into a classroom that everyone else struggled with the urge to hide under the closest desk. When he spoke it was like being thrown into the middle of a James Bond movie and confronting one of his worst Asian vilains.

    As I remember, this young man never actually did anything. Just the menace he projected was sufficient for everyone to give him his way in everything.

    Perhaps he later married an Asian woman who brought him to heel.

    I am in so much trouble now I am afraid to click submit.

  4. I believe the blood tests and colonoscopy are the practical equivalent of shots and worming. If more people thought about it that way, I believe we’d have more compassion for the pets we take to the vet. I mean … who wants any of that?

  5. pandemonic Says:

    RN, I think I met that Asian dude on the MUNI the last time I was in San Francisco. Or perhaps it was his grandson.

    Boy, that gave me an idea… 🙂

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