WARNING! Bad Words with No Asterisks Ahead!

September 7, 2008


WARNING: The coming week’s memoir chapter contains bad words without asterisks.  People with sensitivities to four letter words or peanuts should avoid oncoming chapters until they no longer see the word curse in the title. Bad people who are excited by the prospect of reading words such as furk and shet should rush forward, but not so fast that other readers get trampled in a stampede.


4 Responses to “WARNING! Bad Words with No Asterisks Ahead!”

  1. I am quite looking forward to wallowing in a torrent of profanity. Bring it on.

  2. pandemonic Says:

    I predict a rise in blog hits from the use of swear words. 🙂

  3. modestypress Says:

    Please do not hit my blog. It’s not really into masochism.

  4. truce Says:

    I love cursing. Best thing about any language.

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