The First Pledge Challenge!

October 19, 2008

We have a challenge!

On public radio pledge drives, somebody will offer to match $100 pledges of everyone who pledges in the next hour.

In our drive, David has agreed to talk to his therapist about his compulsive thoughts about suicide, a topic he has been avoiding discussing with her.

I figure it will take us a year or so to raise $100. I’m figuring we will average $2 per week in contributions. I’m committing to $1 a week, so I’m picking up half the tab. With all of David’s fans, it  should be possible to reach this goal within a year.

The trick is to keep David occupied, busy, cheerful, and optimistic in the meantime. At least help to keep at least $2 a week coming in to David so he and we can see the end in sight.

Maybe that’s not the best way to put it.

Next, the $1000 and $2000 premiums.

10 Responses to “The First Pledge Challenge!”

  1. I’m getting worried … the photo on Pan’s blog leads me to think that an unpleasant session with my therapist may be in my near future.

  2. modestypress Says:

    The song to get us off on the right track for Monday is:

    Money (That’s What I Want)

    The best things in life are free
    But you can give them to the birds and bees
    I want money

    (That’s what I want)
    That’s what I want
    (That’s what I want)
    That’s what I want
    (That’s what I want)
    That’s what I want
    (That’s what I want)

    You love gives me such a thrill
    But your love won’t pay my bills
    I want money

    (That’s what I want)
    That’s what I want
    (That’s what I want)
    That’s what I want
    (That’s what I want)
    That’s what I want
    (That’s what I want)

    Money don’t get everything it’s true
    But what it don’t get I can’t use
    I want money

    (That’s what I want)
    That’s what I want
    (That’s what I want)
    That’s what I want
    (That’s what I want)
    That’s what I want
    (That’s what I want)

    I want money
    I want lots of money
    In fact I want so much money
    Give me your money
    Just give me money

    We believe in the subtle, soft-sell approach for this pledge drive.

  3. truce Says:

    what photo??

    *shuffles off to Pan’s for a look*

  4. Corina Says:

    Yup, I think David will be having that uncomfortable discussion with Debbie pretty soon! At least much sooner than previously thought.

  5. modestypress Says:


    Yes, let’s startle David!

  6. pandemonic Says:

    I rather like the Pink Floyd “Money” better.

    I didn’t know you were matching my funds. You are matching the funds right? This pledge might put you and the Missus right into the poor house.

  7. modestypress Says:

    I am not matching your funds. I am matching your sass.

    I may raise funds for you, if this project proves successful. Jane is in line after you.+

  8. We should probably make a public post regarding the premium I offered Pan — pledgers are entitled to editing services. This is a very premium premium.

  9. modestypress Says:

    I will post on it tomorrow.

  10. Eman Rimawi Says:

    Hi. I’m writing from The Jed Foundation which works nationally to reduce the rate of suicide and the prevalence of emotional distress among college and university students. We are presenting The Jerry Greenspan Student Voice of Mental Health Award for college students who have had mental health issues like the one’s you write about on your site and wanted for you to help spread the word.

    The award is for a video on their experiences with mental health issues and how they are working to raise awareness and encourage their peers on the issue. The award includes a $2,000 scholarship, a trip to NYC to our annual gala in June 2009, recognition through our site and events and possibly appearing on MTVU. The info is on our site (link below).
    We are interested in having you post the information on your blog. We are also interested in having folks write about the importance of doing work like this and show casing, if you will, this award we are presenting.
    Thank you so much for your time and feel free to email me.

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