We Have Ignition

October 21, 2008


Yesterday, David wrote: I did indeed receive two pledges in my mail box today, one from you, and one from LFC, I think … from Texas, enclosed in a most apropos greeting card.

This proved to me that:

1) Mail from Texas is much faster than I would ever have guessed

2) It is actually somewhat safe to send cash in the mail

3) Now that I’m an adult, people seem as willing to be nice to me for no reason as they were to be mean for no reason when I was a kid. I think that hammering this home to me once and for all is actually your goal, and it’s possible that you might really get there.

Fluffy wrote that she found a flight to Australia for under $400. Perhaps not only does mail from Texas get to Portland faster than one would expect, but people get to Australia faster as well. This might be dangerous, but that might also make it more exciting for David.

Also, I haven’t seen Jenny posting or commenting much lately, but when she does she often writes, “FTL,” which stands for “Feel the Love.” Perhaps when you mail your shareware payment to David, enclose a note that says, FTL! Excuse me, I hate mushiness. And my next post will be a little mushy, to boot.



16 Responses to “We Have Ignition”

  1. If I manage to go anywhere, I have to go to France to see Josh before going to Australia. One benefit of doing this is that I might just stay there and never come back. Well, maybe that wouldn’t be a benefit to Josh, but it probably would be to me.

  2. Corina Says:

    Sorry. I haven’t taken my cans and bottles back yet. It rained here yesterday. A lot. But I’ll do it one day this week. I’m wondering how long it will take to get mail from across town?!

  3. Corina — my experience is that mail from across town takes two weeks, and mail from the east coast takes two days. I don’t know why this is the case.

  4. modestypress Says:


    Perhaps truce can meet you at Josh’s place. She was in Sweden recently and she has been known to hang out in England. That’s as much in the same neighborhood as Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

    My cousin Valerie lives in Spain, while my uncle and aunt live in Australia. My daughter and her partner spent a week in the Finnish archipelago. Perhaps a week or so after Random Granddaughter takes the ferry to our Puget Sound Island, she’ll be ready to join everyboyd in Amsterdam or wherever Josh is.

    Remember, everybody, you’ve only got a week left if you want to have me praise you to RG and to have Sylvie purr for you. Although Sylvie was only a quarter the size of the giant (now deceased) Sebastion, her purr was twice as loud.

    Sylvie has a turbo purr, and as soon as she starts purring for your mood will improve and your heart will have more spring to it.

    Sylvie purring is better than an anti-depressant, much less expensive, and has fewer side effects. Even if you are allergic to cats, her virtual purr does not make you sneeze nor does it make your eyes water.

  5. modestypress Says:


    Perhaps you should just deliver the cans to a drop-off point agreeable to David, and let him turn them in and keep the deposit.

    I’ll see if I can find the address of the house near Hawthorne Blvd. where the Random used to live. It has a nice big porch. You could leave them on the porch with a big sign that says, For David Rochester. Do not disturb.

    Well, OK, David is rather disturbed already, but the money from the recyclables may help proturb him.

  6. truce Says:

    I could and would meet almost anyone in France, I love France. France rocks. I speak fluent and unaccented French (even if I do say so myself), thanks to a year spent living in Switzerland before University. I have two very good friends in Bordeaux whom I visited last year and I’d love to go back there.

    David – I’ll meet you in the Place Leon DuGuit, by the old Mint building and take you for coffee and croissants to a wonderful little boulangerie by the Cathedral owned by the World’s Most Stereotypically French Woman.

  7. modestypress Says:

    We’re cooking!

    I’m such an irresponsible trouble-maker!

    I have started an entire new medium. Forget “Reality TV.” I’ve invented “Reality Blogging.”

  8. modestypress Says:

    We’re cooking!

    I’m such an irresponsible trouble-maker!

    I have started an entire new medium. Forget “Reality TV.” I’ve invented “Reality Blogging.”

  9. *raises adorably up on back legs to beg for chocolate croissant chunks*

  10. vroni1208 Says:

    I’m going to send David $1.00 for every Seinfeld mention on Mr. Random’s blog. (Uh, promise not to go crazy with the Seinfeld mentions, okay? I’m on a budget!) 😉

  11. modestypress Says:

    Vroni, I wasn’t planning to go past two in this series. David, you’re pledged $2 from Vroni.

    The key to success here is little bits from many. David is a wonderful, insightful, and talented writer. At least a million people should be reading his blog, and at least 10% of those should be sending him a dollar a week. That would be enough to pay for his brain surgery and his trip to Europe where he will meet Josh and hook up with truce in France.

    This is so exciting, and so irresponsible and so out of control I can hardly stand it.

    I feel like an out-of-control SMERSH mastermind from a James Bond movie sending people to fatal rendevous (is the word plural as well as singular?)

    Just as David and Truce timidly prepare to embrace–screech! James Bond screeches to a halt in his Aston Marin, points his Walther P99 at them, and cooly drawls, “Stop this minute. The future of the free world depends on this going no further…”

  12. modestypress Says:

    They ignore him, of course, and die in a hail of piranha fire. (The latest Bond secret weapon is a pistol that shoots piranha.)

    To make me stop tonight, pledge money for the Keep David alive drive.

  13. vroni1208 Says:

    Done and done! 🙂

  14. I’m … still trying to digest Comment #11.

  15. pandemonic Says:

    It sometimes takes 14 days for checks to leave here and get across the state. That’s only about 250 miles. I think I could walk it across faster. That’s why I always say two words when people ask about their paycheck. “Direct deposit.”

    I hope David doesn’t blow his wad all in one place.

    (Wait… that sounds nasty. I was going to erase that, but I think I’ll leave it.) 🙂

  16. loriaustex Says:

    Re: 11 and 12…
    *wipes tears from eyes*

    Mr. Random, you do crack me up. Now, put down that bowl of Triple-Super-Duper-Sugar cereal, and try, oh please try, not to spin around until you make yourself dizzy.

    Check’s in the mail, your Dudenesses.

    And Truce, if I’m ever able to plan a trip to France, I may need to get your guidance. You rock, seriously.

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