Surrealist Open Houses

October 22, 2008

David and Truce are such a cool couple, even though they are not a couple yet and are divided by a great deal of ocean. However, they are engaged in repartee about starting a surrealist estate business, an idea that seized my mind with ferocious fervor and made me all the more determined to make my Keep David Alive Fund Drive a stunning success.

I immediately became entranced with David holding surrealist open houses, and found some pictures of them. Just imagining David showing these dwelling–there has to be a better word–dwallings…dwillings…dwollings…dwullings? Anyway, just imagining David showing them fills me with such delight I can hardly contain myself.

Putting a lot of links into a comment sends the WordPress spam checker into fits like a rabid German Shepherd snarling and barking and growling and howling hysterically, so I figured I should put it into my own blog. So here it goes.

If you look at all these pictures of surrealistic houses and are half as delighted as I am, you will send David a $5 pledge before this week ends. This is serious stuff.

Surrealist Dwelling #1

Surrealist dwilling #2

Surrealist dwilling #3

Surrealist dwilling #4

Surrealist dwilling #5

Surrealist dwilling #6

Surrealist dwilling #7

Surrealist dwilling #8


Surrealist dwilling #9


For reasons I don’t understand, this turned into a really nasty post to get to work. If you look at all the pictures, I think you should pledge $10.

Well, you get a nice house out of it, anyway.

6 Responses to “Surrealist Open Houses”

  1. modestypress Says:

    #3 is still broken. I don’t have time to fix it now.

    Fortunately, David, you are worth it. I expect a really great blog post from you tomorrow, though. Not to put any pressure on you, or anything.

    $10 for this one.

    I haven’t forgotten the editing premium, either.

  2. Well, I would happily live in any of those. Perhaps you should be a partner in the Surreal Estate Venture. 🙂

    I shan’t bump up my pledge, but the next installment will definitely go out on the dot of November!

  3. Wow. I’m amazed that Scottish Parliament is a surrealist twilling. Maybe I should move to Scotland.

    My day has potential for an interesting post tomorrow, but I’m not going to say why until I see what happens.

  4. truce Says:

    1. “Défense de rien toucher”. Don’t touch anything? Are you kidding? I don’t want to touch it, I want to run from it, screaming…

    2. phallic, definitely.

    3. obviously too surreal to exist, the link couldn’t cope.

    4. Oh! the illustration horror.

    5. another one which is too odd for the interweb.

    6. This is the roof of a Gaudí building in Barcelona which I have visited. I loved it. It was like being surrounded by benevolent guardian figures against a backdrop of sunny blue sky.

    7. I don’t care how sexy David is, I’m not doing that, wearing that, up there.

    8. Personality bypass? Glue weird shit to the front of your home and fool people into thinking you’re interesting!

    9. This proves, beyond all reasonable doubt, that the Scots should not – under any circumstances – be allowed access to concrete mixers and girders. They should stick to a nice croft.

  5. Corina Says:

    I didn’t look at the pictures so I will still only send my bottle/can deposits!

    (BTW, I love #2)

  6. pandemonic Says:

    I have exceeded the recommended donation. By the way, I liked #7 best.

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